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Rhodesian Bush War Animation: Operation Eland, the Selous Scouts Wipe Out a Communist Terrorist Base with Almost No Casualties

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 05 May 2023 / In Film and Animation

Rhodesia was a prosperous, successful nation. It was a food exporter, the breakbasket of Africa, the Jewel of Africa, and an example of a real Wakanda. It was destroyed by Marxist terrorists supported by the Soviet Union, Cuba, Communist China, and North Korea. But the real enemies were the Closet Commies and Bolshevik Bureacrats in Western nations that also provided aid to the insurrectionists, and cut off aid to the independent Rhodesians.

Operation Eland was a special forces masterclass. Captain Rob Warraker and the Rhodesians wiped out the Nyadzonya base with combined armored vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, and ground troops. It was a potent example the "surround and engage with critical timing" Fireforce tactics the Rhodesians implemented.

Video Intro:
"This video focuses on Operation Eland in context of the Rhodesian Bush war. It explores why Eland was deemed necessary, the vast preparations required to undertake the operation, and the immediate strategic consequences of its success."

Interesting posts from the comment section:
"Rhodesia will always be 'Rhodesia' to me. I was there in the 70's and am proud to have fought with them.

"The Rhodesian military was the greatest counter-insurgency in modern history. Also unlike what modern western media try to say, black and white Rhodesians proudly fought side by side fighting the evils of International Communism."

"My uncle was part of the planning team for this op, he never spoke much about his time in the Rhodesian forces but he always had a great sense of pride for having served a country that welcomed him with open arms after he left the British Army and found his way to Rhodesia."

"They were the hardest, bravest and most capable men I ever came across."

"What an outstanding bit of soldering!"

"God bless Ian Smith and the old Rhodesia."

"The Rhodesian Army was the most competent, well trained and motivated Army in Africa. The Men where Anglo Saxon Protestants in culture and very few egregious events happened at all. The Marxist terrorists, however, brutalized, murdered and hacked their way to victory. This fight was a righteous fight that was lost due to overwhelming odds. Zimbabwe today is a horrid basket case of despair and disrepair, whilst most Rhodesian and their descendants are successful people in Australia, SA, the UK and New Zealand. They where the ones who turned the country into something useful, and that is now gone."

"I bet the Selous Scouts didn't fire "indiscriminately". I bet they fired systematically and deliberately."

"The term 'Freedom fighters' was a term used by the Left sympathisers of Mugabe (in particular). Did they win freedom? Well compare the two countries (Rhodesia and Zimbabwe) and the answer is clear: both blacks and whites were far better under Ian Smith than ever they were under Mugabe. Mugabe suffocated any hint of freedom and prosperity."

"Good video. It’s pronounced Seh-Lou because it’s French name. Named after Fredrick Selous, who is β€˜the most interesting man in the world’. "

"Terrorists, not 'freedom' fighters."

"While the Anglo-American Establishment, UN and every other nation on earth bleated like sheep that Rhodesia would not be 'recognized' without 'free and fair, one man one vote elections', they required no such thing from Mozambique who were taken over by Frelimo terrorists with NO election whatsoever and mass murder, yet were recognized worldwide."

"Majority black rule has been a 'roaring success' in Rhodesia just like it has been throughout the rest of Africa. The disaster of Zimbabwe was entirely predictable, there were no winners black or white. The international do-gooders who facilitated it should have been held to account."

"Over all, I think that you are missing the reality of the situation. The terrorists were being funded and trained by Russia, China, and north Korea, while given food, medical supplies and political and economic support by Europe and America. At the same time South Africa was becoming strained in within their own borders.
Regardless of what Rhodesia did they would have been alone and isolated, attacking the base did destroy a vast amount of weapons and equipment that was being prepared to be used in Rhodesia. While we cannot know what would have been, I suspect that those munitions would have been used to kill even more Rhodesian civilians, of all races, and no other meaningful effect on the war would have happened as the delay of isolation from not attacking the base would have been offset by the literal army on their doorstep."

We Must Secure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children.
Because the Beauty of the White Aryan Woman Must Not Perish From the Earth.

Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide.
Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.
Make Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again.
Make Rhodesia Great Again.

It's Okay to Be White.
White Lives Matter.

We Can't Restore Western Civilization With non-Western Babies.
We Have a Patriotic Duty to Stop Genocide Against our People.
Oppose Those Who Would Defame Our History and Rich Cultural Heritage.

End Eurocide.
Fight back against Europhobic bigotry.

Say NO to White Genocide.
Multiculturalism is the Replacement of European peoples.

Rhodesian Bush War ~ Operation Eland, the Selous Scouts Triumph ~ Anecdotes of History ~ u3yaB6E0ZJY.mp4

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Ian Smith
Ian Smith 3 months ago

Operation Eland saved many lives

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Larry Thorne
Larry Thorne 4 months ago

Brave men, deep in a territory, pulling off a great victory. Great story.

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Ian Smith
Ian Smith 4 months ago

God bless the Selous Scouts, and those who follow in the footsteps in fighting communism

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White Lives Matter 1776

Here is a video on the lessons from Rhodesia from another alternative video site

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garyoflondon 4 months ago

Lt. Col Ron Reid Daly was the person solely responsible for the creation of the regiment and in his book; Selous Scouts Top Secret War (btw that's pronounced Se-lu) he describes that 2 Ferret armoured cars moved to form a stop group before the firing started and accounted for probably the greatest number of kills ever recorded for that regiment plus in a book by A.J. Ballam Bush War Operator, he recounts that he was in the rear vehicle that carried mortars and that after the initial barrage had stopped, he then fired his 2 mortars to force all stragglers to head towards the Ferret cars laying in wait.

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For Ourselves And Our Posterity

Thanks for the insights.

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