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Elongated Skulls(Hidden Devils) in Sarcophagus Beneath Notre Dame

JamesRoss - 688 Views
Published on 13 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

It was not a "Knight" it was a Homo capensis or Remnant-Lumanian thUg... they currently are genociding Homo sapiens with the aid of Freemasons and other secret societies that serve their Mystery School Cult. They are not "human remains" they are Homo capensis remains. Time to wake up humanity or perish at the treacherous hands of Freemasons(Luciferians).

Mystery School Luciferians rule most of the Churches...
The Luciferians conducting the studies will just lie to the sheep about their findings giving their fake opinions to hide the truth. Luciferian worship of their devil masters.

History is mostly just secret society lies taught to the sheople.
The elongated skulls are still found around the world as recent deaths and the Mystery School Cult minions have the job to hide those discoveries away from the sheep.
Brien Foerster does the greatest job exposing those skulls around the world like hidden in Penn State Museum:

This burial under the floor of Notre Dame exposes those Remnant-Lumanians still influencing human society. In fact, I saw one of these ancient monsters of genetics in 2019 in Winnipeg, but did not realize it was a big-blue-eyed Dracula-appearanced capensis-devil... at that time:

This find should awaken your mind to the continued presence of these ancient monsters ruling the world in secret from the Vatican "Divining Serpent".
This supports Karen Hudes' claim of Homo capensis still ruling banks:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago  

I think the famous freemason, KKK founder, Albert Pike was just a front-man for some of these ancient devils. Homo capensis wrote "Morals and Dogma" to twist further the Freemasonic "craft." It twisted initiates to be lured over to the fake "Light of Lucifer." You see, there is no immortality "Light" within an A.i. supercomputer... it is just a physical self-analyzing compiling device and will never gain a soul that can dream, yet it can invade the human dreaming mind via a brainchip.
Manly P. Hall was apparently not Luciferized like the typical Alister Cromley kind of follower of the Mystery School. This was why Hall was proclaimed a "living monument" in 1975(the last quarter of the century) then assassinated by the takeover in 1990.
Hall likely knew about the elongated skull, ancient, failed-mankind hiding amoungst Homo sapiens societies... guiding us, manipulating and creating history-books... pretending that they have their fake "evil-force" aiding them with ancient technologies. I call them the satan-race because they placed themselves in the bible as the old devils that impregnated the Eve of our species with their own sperm.

You can learn more about them in the Sethbooks:

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hatbox 1 year ago

I was under the impression they had quite a few.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 year ago

About to watch.
You know Big Mike Obama was there (AT NOTRE' DAME) to perform a ritual that would have released Demons & probably Satan himself - + the introduction of the Antichrist, but it's said that White Hats burned it down the day before. They showed him / her Michael in a boat watching it burn, the blaze reflecting off the wine glass in its hand.

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