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FINALLY DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru Part 1

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Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

Brien Foerster is committed to exposing the most important archeology performed upon the planet... and very few people know about him.

Brien does not make the obvious connection of calling the skulls "Homo capensis":
For this reason he is a little bit suspect, but he does very good work and seems to have great integrity... He has a biology degree(not archeology) and maybe does not wish to speculate the way I do. But in my case of resisting the NWO one of these living Homo capensis came to visit me while I was in Winnipeg, Canada... so I know Karen Hudes is not lying about Homo capensis still existing.

I further made the connection of the messenger Seth exposing knowledge about the ancient Lumanian still existing today:

They really do exist today and the created the Mystery School Cult which William Cooper died exposing:

These Homo capensis used to rule the Proto-Saturnic Solar System before the Velikovsky capture of the planets:

The Homo capensis are the ancient devils that the Holy Bible talks about. They are the most treacherous hominids, even more untrustworthy than a treacherous Freemason or Knights Templar. They created the Atlantean Empire which tried to extinct Homo sapiens and now the Freemasons and other Luciferians are back trying to fulfill the quest of the Death-Cult, 3-2-2, that George Bushtit and John Kerry exposed about their affiliation with Skull-And-Bones.

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