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Digital Communications Field Exercise If (and When) The Freemasonic-Luciferians Take-down the USA Cellular Grid

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Published on 29 Dec 2022 / In How-to and Style

Tech Prepper is not just playing a game( he is prepping for the Luciferian take-down ) to protect American freedom.
The helpers Tech Prepper has like to joke around, but this prepping on Youtube will make them "Targeted" by the Freemasonic-Luciferians who have rebuilt the Tower-Of-Babel and now have all the secret societies in a world-wide brainchip-hivemind-army of thUgs... treacherous, spiritual-morons who served the ancient devils, Homo capensis, that freemason-traitors hide from the sheeple.

Tens of thousands of USA constitutionalist should be doing what the Tech Prepper is doing... getting ready to defy the NAZI-like tyranny that the Freemasons have been plotting since WW2 and the JFK assassination by their Assassin's Sect.
Most awakening sheeple in the past who discovered the Freemasonic-Luciferians have sudden deadly "accidents" or "heart-attacks" at, say, 30 years old... this was before the Clot-Shot Operation-Covid-19... now, children are having heart-attacks and the sheeple are still sleeping and hardly lifting their heads from grazing the grasses.

The Freemasonic-Luciferians have been trying to kill me for 16 years by arranged accidents and poisonings... Tech Prepper is totally legitimately prepping for the backstabbing of the USA free people in an attempt to enslave the sheeple and strip them from all the rights that was already fought for in the past.

I was prepping 20 years ago making and handing out my post-9/11 WTC sabotage awareness CDs
If that link goes down too like my other sites, just open index.html from this download:

You see, the Luciferian=Freemasons have been sabotaging my continued warnings of the high-tech Luciferians planning to take down the USA Free people. (Don't reply and identify yourself as a prepper, social-media is used to identify you for a covert brainchipping by the Freemasonic medical mafia). has been sabotaged by the Freemasons because it warns you of their treachery as a domestic enemy. They may live on your same street and they are plotting to kill your sheepleness off of this Earth. You can download that banned webpage for further reading and distribution by opening index.html @

If the Freemasonic-Luciferians identify you... then they will harass and try to kill you like they have been trying to do to me for the last 16 years. But like me, you will survive like I have because the Creator-God will protect you.

I am protected due to the multidimensional nature of God's design as explained within the Sethbooks. Have you read the Sethbooks? They are a gift to you from the Creator-God to defy the ancient devils, Homo capensis and to help develop your spiritual-soul. Start with the book "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul" You will find your life, soon, in a challenging blueprint scenario to save your species from extinction(that is the bigger picture) from attacks from the ancient devils and their Luciferian-brainchipped minions(the secret societies, all of them working together as an army). The Luciferians brainchip the sheeple in order to cull them.
The Clot-Shots are their conspiracy to cull the sheeple and to have a final fight with the non-Cult-sworn people around the world, including the USA... first. If the Luciferians do not attack the USA first, then the non-cUlt-sworn people will be getting a warning of the world-wide takeover and enslavement of the sheeple.

If you take this warning to heart, and you should by now, you can identify a brainchipped Luciferians because their brainchips emit a microwave signal as shown here:

The Luciferian believes the brainchip will give them(not you) everlasting consciousness as an uploaded algorithm. As a cyborg, but this is a trick and a lie conducted by the ancient devils upon their minions to get them to agree with extincting their precious genetics. Tricking the Freemasons to twist their Homo sapiens genetics with A.i. into another monster-species like Homo capensis who lack the vitality of the Creator-God's blueprint towards a successful mankind.
Freemasons and Luciferians will prove to be unworthy of their genetic gift from the Creator-God and will perish from every probable time-line within the multidimensional universe(which includes all(infinite) time-lines). Why? Because New Atlanteans have tainted their rising civilization with murderous genocide once again... just like the old Atlanteans did... and they perished and so will this rising thUgtopia perish, too, in which ever time-line that artificial success seem to be accomplished.

To those Freemasonic-Luciferian traitors to their own genetics: Bye, bye, shit-hearted pie... your New World Order is destine to die. All those thUgs are baking themselves into a smelly, spiritual mess. And by their own attitudes and not by any Creator-God "jealousy" like their bible claims. Sodom and Gomorrah was thunderbolted by their own wickedness within the design of the framework of reality that is sensitive to collective attitudes.

I tried to teach the Luciferians that they actually have free-will to defy their devils with my site but the freemasons banned that site too... index.html @
The Creator-God is endlessly loving and supportive... should the awakening sheeple be that loving to treacherous, murderous monsters? Hence the clot-shot genocide and still the sheeple sleep. WAKE UP! is what Madonna had at the end of the Luciferians warning of the 2019 Eurovision contest: slowly but slowly they awaken.

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