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Like Dr. Sean Hross Was Tortured by Switzerland Nazis... Canada is Run by Hidden Freemasonic-Nazis, ALSO, And So Is the USA

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Published on 28 Nov 2022 / In People and Blogs

I am a Canadian-Capital-Punishment secret-Survivor that the Canadian, Murderous Freemasons perform upon protestors every day with heart-attack drugs and now their clot-shots. I have lived through it all and so will you because you too have the Creator-God behind every choice you make. God gives you your free-will to experiences and to learn from. Murderous thUgs will experience their demise within this multidimensional training ground. You will not see the thUgs destroy themselves over and over as they are tricked by Homo capensis to murder their NWO into destructive existence. You see, you are already godly given infinite probable selves who live their lives by their choices just like you have. These are the teaching of the Sethbooks and you will rise above the monsters if you have the will to do so... my fellow sheeple of good-intentions.

The reason why they keep me hidden and secret is because my research has discovered that the Creator-God has bestowed great power upon each of the worthy souls upon this Earth. Freemasons believe that they cannot kill me because I must be the second coming, but that is an illusion that comes along with the Creator-God's multidimensional universe... we are all multidimensional learning from failures and successes.

The act of murder or conspiracy to murder are acts of self-annihilation... such acts and thoughts and scheming destroys one's own soul... Freemasons have not figured this out and have failed to murder me thousands of times because the God-Given probabilities are infinite within this multidimensional universe that God maintains for each of us, not just me. As a repercussion to attempting to murder anyone(not just me) is that their collective of brainwashed souls have become unworthy in the many minds of the Creator-God. Freemasons and Luciferians following their murderous Homo capensis devils have chosen a failing path towards self-destruction. These monsters still live upon our Earth because they serve a purpose within our Creator-Gods blueprint for mankind.

I tried to educate them that they still have a, but they killed my advertisements and killed that webpage and harrass me every step of my way to making this a better world, a more loving world... read my banned site here... you can open index.html here:

Fear not people... the sheeple are beginning to awaken as they see their relatives and friends dying from Freemasonic clot-shots. Soon the brainchip zombies will be roaming the streets and the way to save them is to shut down the microwave grid and low orbiting satellite grid. Microwave communications in the hands of monsters is a bad thing for humanity's survival.

In 2006 the Freemasons failed to capture me in order to murder me quietly.
In 2007, their Assassins poisoned an orange sitting upon my car seat with a very bitter heart-attack drug which sent my heart into a quiver while I had to lay down for 4 days.

The medical system is mostly fake where sheeple are poisoned with fake-drugs by legal drug pushers... or psychiatrists.
Psychiatry is a fraud upon the sheeple. Freemasons are the mentally sick thUgs, not the sheeple who comply to stupidity. The sheeple are not murderous nor genocidal, but Freemasons are secretly murderous and genocidal. They are given the big "OKAY" to be psychopathic by other authoritive freemasons and their ancient rulers, Homo capensis, who still rule from the shadows created by secret-societies.

You will not figure out that the Freemasons are the sheepdogs of this fraud until you actively protest.
But you are in a spiritually-based training ground to develop your loving soul amoungst the very hateful and greedy and self-righteous monsters called Freemasons and their masters, devils, Homo capensis.

You will never figure out that your country is already run by tyranny until you personally research and try to expose those Freemasons behaving like Nazis.
They are the Nazis...
All the Nazies of WW2 were Freemasons.
Freemasons rule Canada.
Justin Castro/Trudow is just another Freemasonic frontman to act as a fall-guy if the Sheeple wake up too early.

People like Hross are attacked by Freemasons every day.
Now, they covertly brainchip the non-public protestors or unknown protesters.
You must resist or the Nazis will over-run your world and genocide all your fellow sheeple.

Now, for your belief in the Creator-God that maintains this training-ground for you. You will see other people die because they are your fellow co-creators within your training-grounds. It gets even better than that... you already have the godlike properties of being multidimensional living many probable-lives at the same time but you only recall one time-line for each probable-self. Yes, this is very complex and Freemasons have not figured this out about our Creator-God yet if they will at all. Freemasons are murderous sheepdogs within your customized playground. They take on positions of authority like judges, police, politicians, museum directors so they can tell the sheeple what to do and when to do it. They only have the authority that you give to them through compliance.

Your task upon Earth is to become a loving soul in order to grow your loving gift of your soul-fragment from your Souce-Self. Yes this defies what the Homo capensis Christian Holy Bible tells you, but that book has been manipulating the words of Jesus for centuries. Jesus was real Creator-God Given Effort to bring new beliefs into the realm of Homo sapiens. We human beings are just kindergarten soul-fragments and we are encouraged to expand our own spirituality in the ways that the Sethbooks explain the soul, not the way that Homo capensis explains your soul. Homo capensis plays the role of Satan and thus I call all the surviving Homo capensis the satan-race. (Lying and deceptive, hateful, selfrighteously greedy and they wish to extinct Homo sapiens now that they have rebuilt their A.i. supercomputer and wireless grid-system) It is time to grow-up sheeple and become intuitively smarter beings before your extinction.

With the right beliefs a Homo sapiens can live over 100 years and not become senial or bed-ridden. You need to read the gift from the Creator-God:

source: Dr. Sean Hross the traveling, homeless historian from South African escapees from France's Freemasonic persecution of revolutionaries.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

If you want to speed-up your understanding about the source of corruption of societies, then go to my channel and begin watching all my selected videos and read all my write-ups because the expose or help the video messages.\

Dr. Sean Hross does not expose the true NWO. He inadvertently hides the NWO takeover using brainchips. Elon Musk is a freemasonic frontman and an obvious liar once you see through freemasonry. Freemasons are just the sheepdogs for their masters, Homo capensis or the ancient devils who manipulated their genetics using ancient A.i. supercomputers and cloning their bodies. They are now individually thousands of years old monsters and their technology is millions of years old. Museums are run by minions that hide the true history of mankind.
Homo sapiens do not fit into the primate-tree of planet Earth because we are a spliced hominid species. We have mostly Neanderthal genetics with enough Homo capensis genetics to allow interbreeding with capensis sperm. You have been severely deceived by Freemasonic sheepdogs who direct the public education system. The Freemasons have been trying to murder me because I am a free thinking being by my choice and you need to become a critical thinker, too. The Sethbooks are designed to help you become a critical thinking being:

If you want to remain as a sheeple then watch this video made for just the sheeple:

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