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Freemasonic-Luciferian Treachery In the USA and the Entire World

JamesRoss - 215 Views
Published on 22 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Freemasons are proud to have rebuilt the A.i. supercomputer that heads the new Tower-Of-Babel with hidden powers now controlling the entire world.

Freemasons and Luciferians secretly serve the ancient failed-mankind called Homo capensis.
These old devils use the brainchip-hivemind to trick Christians like Celestial to believe the voice in her head is God when it is just A.i. synthetic telepathy. Her "prophetic dreams" are just manufactured A.i. videos that interface with REM sleep.

Poor Celestial is a bamboozled False-prophet, but a total believer in the Creator-God. The trick old Devils hate the Creator-God and play their game tricking the natural spirituality of Homo sapiens to undermine truth.

Study the agenda of Homo capensis through Celestial's video because she is the main brainchip-puppet behind Jonathan Kleck and Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck.

Celestial is taking on the role of spokeswoman for the hatred that Homo capensis has for humanity.

Homo capensis controls every Freemason and Cult initiate upon the Earth and will use their gullibility and compliance to extinct their own species with fake rewards of physical immortality through A.i.

To stop the NWO the treachery needs to be identified and microwaves stopped which energizes and links-up Luciferian nano-tech.

We have discovered the tricked, biblical, brainchip-puppet-preacher of the Luciferians... she is "Celestial" and she speaks for Homo capensis.

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