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BattleField Earth Is A Hollywood Warning To The Sheeple Who Don't Understand Freemason Treachery

JamesRoss - 146 Views
Published on 17 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

The non-cUlt-sworn people have been used as a placenta for the NWO fiery phoenix on so many flags and on so many coats of arms.

You might think that Jesuits, Knights Templar and Freemasons are the masterminds behind the NWO's thUggery, but they only follow the orders of the ancient devils... they are the a cousin to our species and can barely interbreed with human women... Most offspring women are not fertile to their genetics... like an infertile mule resulting from a donkey and a horse.
Nefertiti was a mule of a woman, infertile to Homo capensis sperm.

Hollywood pretends that Etaliens are visiting Earth when that will never happen in our lifetimes. It is the ancient devils who have the flying saucers... and black-ops Freemasons in the military, FBI, CIA and other secret-services just hide the "ancient" technology from past civilizations. The ancient devils need to keep themselves hidden and secret in order to have a better chance to genocide all the sheeple during their "End of Times" kill-off games.

Earth is really a battlefield between the humans and the Remnant-Lumanians (who are the devils of wickedness in the bible) The Freemasons are the minions to the evil masterminds. A cartoon is made about these minions who cannot tell their secrets... you do not understand their language of symbolism, yet.

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