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The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil Part 1 NWO Nazi-Templars By Dr. Sean Hross

JamesRoss - 643 Views
Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Travel and Events

Hross is a traveling historian who is unaware of the technology of the brainchip hivemind of thUgs (concealed by the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel that he calls the "Swissy." The thUgs didn't like him exposing them on Youtube, so they captured him and tortured him... Hross now is "unhappy" with their hidden tyranny. I can relate, the Canadian thUgs have been trying to murder me for 14 years, now, they also have secret methods of torture using 50 years of brainchips and gangstalking:

Hross illuminates the unsworn with his discoveries that the Templars likely orchestrated the reason for Templars going underground in 1307 after they created Switzerland in 1291 as their new "base-station". This Templar stronghold would act as a confidential training-ground to conduct their genocides against the unsworn upper-class who "caught on" to the tactics of the Mystery School Cult of thUgs.
Dr. Hross tells a great re-ordering of the past world events since the Templars gathered the treasures from Egyptian tombs... likely under the guidance of Homo capensis to store much within the vaults of the Vatican besides Switzerland. This is why the Swiss-Guard protects the Vatican to this day.

Hross is a humours historian and it is sad that more unsworn have not discovered his teachings.

It would be interesting if Hross could make the ancient connection of the ancient civilization of Homo capensis(thUgs with A.I.) and the Thunderbolts Project historians exposing the cataclysms that kept resetting the re-construction of A.I. under the guidance of capensis.

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