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Narcissist brain games ► Mind games narcissists play on you

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Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Science

#narcissism #narcissists #gaslighting


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Home10 "brain games" narcissists play
10 "brain games" narcissists play


1. Confidence game
They earn your confidence (or love)

2. Take the reins game
They take the reins

3. Intimidation game
Use intimidation
want you to fear consequences
savvy players in their minds
"or else"

4. Bond-breaking game
Breaking bonds between you and others
control by eroding your social support
smear campaign

5. Shortcoming game
Invent non-existent shortcomings (gaslighting)
or exaggerate real shortcomings

6. Flipping game
Narcissists victimized by you then saved themselves
Victim/hero vs abuser

7. Belittlement game
You are the brunt of the joke, the joke

8. Discard game
Narcissists will discard you after they know you know

9. Duper's delight game

10. Postgame game
Narcissists never stop playing because they need you
to supply ego boosters

The end game is to feed their ego.

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