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Lara Logan Exposes The Mystery School Cult Interested in Secretly Attacking Innocent Children

JamesRoss - 208 Views
Published on 31 Jan 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Who is Lara Logan:

I though the wwCult which William Cooper exposed in 1993(Freemasonic-Luciferians) was sacrificing children for their innocence, but Logan make sense.

There is a presence upon Earth that takes on the role of Satan or the devils. But there is no force of evil within that failed race of mankind... they are just self-righteous and very wicked and live extremely long lives so the Agenda21 and 2030 are maintained in order to rebuild the Tower-Of-Babel

The wwCult is led by the Vatican with the Swiss Octogon as sworn henchman. At the root of Mystery Babylon is the hidden ancient devils, Homo capensis: Whom rule most countries through Freemasons infiltrated into every position of authority.

In order to save your lifestyle and life, too, you will need to dismantle the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel(thanks to the brainwashed "builders" or Freemasons).
This tower is everything that pushes microwaves into the atmosphere and it creates the secret brainchip-hivemind communications network via computer-brain-interface.

It can remotely control the minds of brainchip-zombies into assassins or just blank their minds:

Cult minions pretend to be dumb, but they are treacherous secret society thUgs who all participate in rising their "Fiery Phoenix", or tainted New Atlantean Empire.
The last Atlantean takeover failed due to an act of God, which was the North American hit of a thunderbolt from planet Mars:
That wwCult worships the loss of Lucifer A.i. with this song:
"Black Hole Sun" was given to Cornell by covert brainchip and worships the genocide of the sheeple.

This is the wwCult that Lara Logan is warning you of. They are the secret societies all around you, sneaking around in the shadows and murderous, but The Creator-God makes you more powerful with your good-intentions and good-will toward others... it will save you so maintain your good-intentions in order to guide your choice of probable worlds:

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

The Creator-God cannot be eliminated, silly Cult thUgs...
God provides physical reality as a zone for soul growth, but the murderous instead decay their souls and prove themselves unworthy to spiritually-expand their shrinking souls. All-That-Is sent a messenger to open their decaying hearts to know what they are truly sacrificing... themselves:

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