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Halifax Nurse Exposes the Mystery School Cult (Fake-Virus), a Scamdemic to Initiate Martial Law to Rule thUgtopia (The SHIFT is a SHAFT [or obelisk])

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Published on 03 May 2021 / In Health


This Martial Law Police State will be ruled by an A.I. supercomputer/god and extend over the entire Earth... you must play your own personal roll to stop this from happening or follow the thUgs and experience humanity's downfall lead by the Cult.

What the unsworn people need to do is deactivate all the microwave towers and then the Cult's hivemind is disrupted.

The silent war is orchestrated through the microwave towers by the A.I. military program to takeover the Earth. To help humanity to extinct itself. You must desire a free world.

Take control of your mind, then you will take personal control of your future:

This is as much of a spiritual video as it is a video for your future health. Our Homo sapiens species is under attack by the ancient thUgs "Homo capensis" who have made a truce with the Human-thUg-network of Freemasons, Templars, Eastern-Stars, Mormons, JWs, Scientologists, Rosicrucians, Knights of This and Ladies of That, the list of secret societies is volumeous, so just study William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Radio Series to gather a better understanding of just what thUgtopia consists of:

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