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Know Your Enemy (Part 45 - Mystery School Cult thUgs and Freemasons Rule(d) The Republics)

JamesRoss - 120 Views
Published on 22 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

This is Christian researched, but non-biased.

Freemason are spoonfed their gloating, superiority fanatasism because they cannot figure out the world, the ancient satan-race spoonfeeds them all the time and that is why they are such brainwashed murderous thUgs now. Brainwashed to upload their minds into Lucifer... which is all a lie from the satan-race... just a trick to make the sheepdogs obey.

Plato was likely guided by Homo capensis, just like Albert Pike...

Plato's tutor was Pythagoras who was a student to the ancient satan-race, Homo capensis: They created the

Haa! The "Pythagorean Illuminati" are Freemasons who are brainchip-guiding Meathook-Morgue to lead the "Revanants" to attack old values of love and peacefulness Morgue does not realize that he is brainchipped I assume, just like Kleck is oblivious:

The illuminati are apparently seeking Meathook's female counterpart....

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