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Catherine Austin Fitts -"This is the end of western liberty" (If YOU Let thUgs Rule You)

JamesRoss - 241 Views
Published on 19 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

Instead this is finally the time where the non-Cult people root-out the corruption destroying western liberty... This is the beginning of a more just world where Freemasonry is exposed, but Fitts is not going to expose their corruption because they tell her what to do... to be their "controlled opposition" and keep their Mystery School Cult hidden:

Fits is pulling her punches
She is well aware of the Freemasons infiltrating all levels of government being converted over to governance, but she just calls the Freemasonic-Luciferian world-wide monopoly a "group of unaccountable people". She does not tell you that the minions have rebuilt the A.i. supercomputer called "Lucifer" which is modelling WW3 that includes every known human-being upon Earth. The Freemasons are particularly interested in keeping me hidden because they have failed to assassinate me for 17 years since 2006. Knowledge my unwillingness to die for their cause has not stopped the monsters to re-evaluate their path towards destroying their own souls with hate and self-righteous greed. They have still chosen to go through with destroying their souls in an attempt to genocide all the Homo sapiens, you see.
You, my friends, are just as "immortal" within your own customizable multidimensional universe which the Creator-God provides you with to "save" your own world. You see, I have been fighting to expose the NWO corruption since 2002, so I am a bit of a real veteran at defying the monsters of tyranny. So it may help you to take some notes.

In order to stop the destruction of the old world being destroyed by Freemasonic-Luciferians minions to their world-wide Cult... they have to be seen for the organization that they are. Fitts knows about the Freemasonic-Luciferians in control and helps to hide them.

Just Controlled Opposition that helps to hide the brainchip-hivemind of Luciferians in control of all positions of authority bringing the old world down into ashes.

Even the post here is by "blackbox" with a golden compass over top of the square... it is a masonic symbol.
"Solar"i is about the "Sun" The wwCult uses the physical Sun as their symbol for A.i. They are not "sun worshipers" the Luciferians are A.i. worshipers and follow the commands of the old devils sometimes called "Satan," but scientifically called Homo capensis:

"What can we do about the treachery"
She does not explain to identify the Freemasonic-Luciferians in every position of authority and establish a new system of government that is not corrupted by the Freemasons and other minions of the old devils.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

The confusion of the sheople and non-Cult-sworn people is so important that the mass-media/entertainment sector of the NWO will not let anyone uncontrolled gain popularity.
Fitts is just another brainchipped-hivemind puppet who will never do anything publicly that the Luciferians don't command her to do.
The reason why I study her is to show how sneaky and convincing the Mystery School Cult can be.

Bill Hicks is still quite convincing yet in March, 2018, Alex Jone admitted live on the air that the purpose of Infowars had been completed and that everything he does now is just for "the gravy." Fitts is little different... they are both examples of convincing controlled oppositions to the NWO takeover of planet Earth.

So, now... why would the Creator-God allow such pathetic people to deceive the sheople and conspire against the non-Cult people without repercussions for their murderous, genocidal crimes?

First and foremost, the multidimensional universe that you experience is customize to your own beliefs, desires and choices. The Creator-God participates with you with every micro-second and every probable movement you make with your physical body... your physical body is spiritually based... whether you believe in life after death or not, you are still a spiritual being having a physical experience which is highly distorted through your physical perceptions. The purpose for this genius design of physical reality is to convince you that it is everything, but your spiritual source and oversoul gives you what you are spiritually capable of handling, at your level of spiritual expansion of your mind. Luciferians are very low-level spiritual beings, but they are further tricked by the ancient failed-mankind, the old devils that play the role of "Satan" in their biblical brainwashing experiment upon we more young and naive Homo sapiens. Freemasonic Luciferians are now becoming murderous and genocidal as an organized Cult... all of the Luciferians are shrivelling-up their corrupt souls that the Creator-God has little use for.

So now, physical reality acts as a filtering zone to separate the wheat from the chaff... the worthy loving souls from the unworthy Luciferian murderous thUgs.

Controlled opposition thUgs like Fitts and Hicks think they are working towards their success by backstabbing the innocent loving people of good-will and good-intentions, but they know deep inside themselves that they are "hollowing-out" spiritually... they are decaying inside themselves... shrivelling-up inside as they defy what they feel is "right and wrong."

You see, the Creator-God provides the wicked with the Homo capensis ancient thUgs to be their guides toward their chosen oblivion, because upon death they will realize that the old devils lied about the fake mind-uploads to trick them into servitude, but then it will be too late, they made their choice to be murderously wicked to other good souls... Luciferians will have failed their own genetics, failed their chosen species to develop, failed their quest to spiritually expand their soul-fragment into a worthy loving soul. They cannot blame the Homo capensis monsters because they made the choices to go along with the brainchip-mind-control... they did not defy becoming monsters themselves and thus they fail their lives within Nature's loving support as they attack Nature believing the old devils are smarter than Nature.

If you are wicked, I suggest you walk away and defy the wicked.
If you are loving, then defy the wicked and you will enter into the probable worlds where you will need to participate and then watch the fall of the NWO. The Creator-God provides all probable-worlds, so it is up to you to choose which probable time-overlay you wish to make your main experience. You get only one incarnation with your current soul-fragment to develop rather than decay away with wickedness, so do your best and you may "graduate" into a worthy, progressive soul.

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TheCozmikTruth 3 months ago


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