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It Was Quite an Efficient Mission Frightening Kazakhstan's Sheeple to OBEY -- The NWO Effectivly Conducted Their Fake-Uprising To Root Out Many Homo-Grown Freedom-Fighters/Leaders

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Published on 16 Jan 2022 / In How-to and Style

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You see, Astana, Kazakhstan is the first NWO religious center.
The horrendous gulags of Siberia were found in Kazakhstan since Stalin began his Freemasonic horror show starting with the Bolsheviki Revolution instigated similarly by Freemasons.
Karl Marx was just a Freemason front-man for the Communist Manifesto. Like Albert Pike was a front-man for the KKK and the mind-job of "Morales and Dogma". "Mein Kampf" and Hitler's second book about creating The New World Order were written by other more intellectual masters of deception, much deeper at the root of the Mystery School Cult of ancient thUgs.

The Mystery School Cult created or manipulated most religions and all secret-societies to follow their secret agenda to rebuild the Tower-Of-Babel. The fabled Atlantis actually existed in the past centered upon the USA and Mexico until planet Mars flew past Earth close enough to make a static-spark which is called a "thunderbolt"... a unique weapon of all the ancient, planetary gods. The ancient species that had the A.i. technology to rule Earth and hinder all other species of mankind was Homo capensis. They used the A.i. supercomputer to attack and destroy their enemies... and that is exactly what is happening again.

If humanity cannot come together with enough collective critical thinking to identify our advesary let alone to identify the Mystery School Cult of Freemasonic thUgs, then humanity will have failed the test and Homo capensis will trick the Freemasons to wipe out your entire species off of our planet... Just like the ancients wiped out all other hominids like the Neanderthals and Homo erectus after splicing their ancient genetics into young genetics making hybrids of their own species as an experiment to revitalize their own genetics... Homo sapiens are the result of that experiment and that is the missing link in the primate tree that connects us to the other stronger, heavier, flat-footed hominids. Our bones are lighter and we have arched feet which are traits of Homo capensis.

So, the brains behind this NWO are the ancient masters with likely double the IQ of your typical Freemason. The Mystery School would never have been able to get this far without the guidance from the Satan-race, Homo capensis.

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