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308 Winchester Ammo Build - Frankford Arsenal Case Prep Step 2 of 3 - Case Trim

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Published on 06 Apr 2018 / In How-to and Style

Building your own ammunition or simply reloading care must be taken with preparing the cases. Brass cases that have been fired need attention to detail looking for cracks, bulges and flaws during the early stages of the reloading process.

For me, case prep is the longest portion of the reloading process. In these videos we take a look at case prep, these steps that I take and how long it takes to prepare the cases for reloading.

You will find out how long each step takes as we time the process using 20 once-fired cases that have already been cleaned. See how long it takes for each step and then we add all of the times to find out how long the entire process takes.

At the end of these 3 videos we will show you the total time for each step and for the entire case prep step.

We will also show you how much it costs to reload 308 Winchester and compare the cost to store bought ammunition.

In all, we address questions that I had when deciding to reload. How long does it take and how much does it cost per round?

These videos are also part of our Sensible Survival Solution. is our website where we use common sense techniques to prepare for emergencies and disasters. We divide our solutions into 3 categories:

1. Shelter
2. Supplies
3. Safety

Reloading and building weapons falls into our Safety category. Visit our site for more sensible survival solutions.

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