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Kazakhstan False Flag Weeding Out Any Rebel Leaders by NWO Foreign Troops

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Published on 16 Jan 2022 / In Travel and Events

The clot-shot resistors could see the NWO was very ready to enforce their death machine against freedom. This was a test to identify the most aggressive resistors to the clot-shot. Freemasonic mass-media will not talk about the real cause for the revolt. Infiltrated Freemasons keep close tabs upon leaders and public resistors and I suspect that they threw fuel into the revolt fire.
Espionage is the Freemasonic, secret way of winning battle and wars.

Covid-19 Plandemic is a Smoke Screen:

You see, the Freemasons have a world-wide brainchip hivemind secret intelligence network and Celdar cameras that can watch and listen through walls coming from nano-tech the size of a spec of dirt. They don't use batteries, instead they use the abundant microwaves in the area.
The way to find the spy is to use a scanner, but the Kazakhstan rebel leaders did not read my websites nor watch my videos explaining this:
They would have found the Freemasonic and Eastern-Star spies who are Luciferians and want the NWO A.i. supercomputer-god to rule the world like some kind of beast to the sheeple, yet, like a dove to the thUgtopians. The A.i. is just a dumb computer that is slowly getting smarter and smarter as it trains itself... It is the Virgin Mary's immaculate child. (normalization)
The Luciferians behind SSSR are still in power.

Presidential seal removed April 1st, 2020 First wave of WWIII called "Covid-19" (Not a virus)

Podium was normal on March 31st:

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