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Hegel Phenomenology of Spirit Section 8 Observing Reason Observing External Nature Lecture

spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 04 Apr 2023 / In Science

Chad Haag continues the lecture series on Hegel's Phenomenology by moving on to the Observing External Nature section. Reason seeks to observe Nature through first emphasizing the morphological features, then the organisms, and finally the ecological limitations of the environment. Remember, this is a part of the School of Forbidden Texts; join us there for as little as just two dollars per month at the following link:
Playlist for Series on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit:
1:27 Sein is Reason's Senien
4:50 a) Observing External Nature
5:30 Phase One
8:25 Morphological Analysis of Nature
10:19 Nature Splits Up
12:57 Phase Two Organisms and Lamarckian Adaptation
14:47 The Goal of My Goal is Me!
15:43 Real Individual vs Ideal End of Individual
17:12 Dead's Anatomy
19:45 From Organism to Environment
20:32 Phase Three: Environment
22:10 Species as Determinate Universal
23:05 Earth as Universal Individual

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