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Dean Clifford 2022 Advocates Replacing with Good People those Freemasonic thUgs, now, Secretly Running Society

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Published on 15 Jan 2023 / In People and Blogs


Well worth listening to.
It's not Agenda21 that's killing off the masses of sheeple... it is the wwCult's Agenda2020-30 where Freemasonic-Luciferians are pushing the killing-off of these non-Cult-sworn people. Dean is not a shill, it seem, just oblivious of the Mystery School Cult of masons, Eastern-Stars, Rosicrucians Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses(JWs), upper Catholics, Scientologists, Ladies of this and Knights of that... Bill Gates was Knighted by his Queen, btw...

Only problem That I see is Dean has not figured out the Freemasonic-Luciferians are the sheepdogs that run all politics into the ground, all police authority, all military authority, all homeland security, all education, universities, museums, health... it is a monopoly of thUgs and minions who are now in a microwave, wireless brainchip-hivemind-army.
Dean should be smart enough to see this since I told him about it in 2018 with my posts in the Earth Stewardship Cooperative he was a member of and left comments to my posts.

Dean sounded too harsh upon the stupid people at the beginning of this video but he really begins making many common sense statements later on in the video.

He should expose the Freemasons and their brainchip-hivemind that is taking over and guiding the lunacy of current society with pedophilia and schools putting out cat litter boxes for children to shite into.:

My web pages speak for themselves: many banned by freemasonry: can be still seen by viewing index.html at with index.html at (Anti Secret Society Movement) with index.html at
I began handing out CDs exposing Federal corruption in 2002 which the Freemasons discovered my quiet efforts in 2006.

The people jumping out of buildings are the brainchipped-zombies. The next stage of WW3 will be the brainchip bio-robots pretending to be zombies. They are remote-controlled by the Homo capensis brainchips.

Dean is correct that the Truckers Revolt are so disorganized that they have not done anything useful to change Freemasonic governing crimes.


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