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Dean Clifford Speaking from Political Incarceration in 2016

JamesRoss - 536 Views
Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

Dean was ahead of his time because now we can see the NWO takeover by the Freemasonic-Luciferians.

Covid-19 is the takeover operation conducted by the Freemasonic thUgs along with all other secret societies.
Not many people know about the Luciferians who serve the Mystery School Cult... they have infiltrated every position of authority and must be rooted out as traitors to humanity.

Dean does not know the Freemasons actually serve the ancient species of mankind, Homo capensis, who have given Freemasonic-Luciferians the technology to genocide the non-Cult people.

Dean makes alot of sense in this episode of his plight.

I joined the ESC in 2018 only to find in Winnipeg an ancient Homo capensis calling the shots. The Luciferians had infiltrated the ESC and were manipulating all my posts within the ESC website. They were corrupting Deans efforts. Since 2019 ESC collapsed it seems. I exposed too much about the corruption within, maybe.

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