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Dean Clifford and Henrik Palmgren Red Ice TV April2013

JamesRoss - 96 Views
Published on 16 Mar 2023 / In People and Blogs

Looking back a decade where Dean Clifford explains how the Federal Freemasonic RCMPolice Claim to own the Roads of Canada.
It is actually the Freemasons who are dealing with the ancient devils and plan to help orchestrated the genocide of the non-Cult-sworn people off the planet.

In 2013, these Masonic RCMP were already within a brainchip-hivemind which makes them claim to be Human2.0 compared to the non-brainchipped human1.0 people. The ancient Homo capensis directed their minions and sheepdogs to rebuild the brainchip-hivemind which is supposed to turn chosen minions into cyborgs who are prominsed that their consciousness can be removed from their bodies before physical death...(But mind transfere is just a lie by the devils to trick freemasonic idiots into servitude). Dean does not realize the extent of the Cult who pretend to be the authorities of Homo sapiens.

If you chose to hand your world willingly to the monsters, then the monsters will take your world away from you.

Dean's site get you redirected to a porn site

The most recent video that I have of Dean is: Where Dean no longer seems to want to help the dumbed-down sheople anymore...
But it is the masses of non-Cult people who frighten the Freemasonic sheepdogs... Dean needs the sheople as much as the dumbed down people need Dean.

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