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Dean Clifford -- The Hidden Corporate Legal Person Within Your Name.mp4

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Published on 04 Feb 2023 / In People and Blogs

This video is the second of 5 lectures Dean Clifford gave in 2011 to a group of Manitoba freemen advocates.
Since then Dean explains much less details in public videos.
His background is trial-and-error experience along with research of laws and acts of government that are used in the Freemasonic-Luciferian bamboozlment of the non-secret-society people by legalese used in their conspiratorial courts.

The Freemasonic system of tyranny is changing as the NWO rises it's new dawn of the Fiery Phoenix.

Christopher at "A Warrior Calls" makes reference to Dean Cliffords efforts to filter through the deception and at his site helps people with an affidavit clarifying their name status:

Dean also made reference in his 2011 video series to clarifying one's name but does not provide the detail that Chris provides.

Victor Beck had this to say about the corporate name:

Another fellow in Austrailia discovered that the court-house provided him with his "Creditor Birth Certificate" that removes the Surname off of the Given-name or Christian-name:

Countries are being collapsed financially in order to establish Freemasonic Martial Law, so it is best for people to wake-up to the deception of the Mystery School Cult system of deception before your country becomes a police-state of tyranny by fascist or communist secret society thUgs.

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