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You are Watching the Freemasons Destroy their Homo sapiens Species from 2020 Onwards.

JamesRoss - 161 Views
Published on 07 Aug 2022 / In People and Blogs

Freemasons have souled-out.
Well they solded-out to the ancient thUgs... Homo capensis.
Freemasons are the most pathetic humans living today. That's right thUgs... 16 years of failed assassinations to take me down... And you Freemasons are the main culprits. What happened to your "secret-dagger" of death to all who defy Freemasonry? I even met one of your ancient monsterst, Homo capensis... it couldn't even speak a word to me in person. That was your master, Freemasons... your master is the failed species of mankind and Homo sapiens is to replace those failures. You stupid Freemasons have been tricked to extinct your own species before this happens.

In order to save humanity the Freemasons must be removed from political offices... removed from police positions of authority... removed from military positions of authority. It is up to you to do this as a collective of heartful souls... If you Homo sapiens cannot remove the treacherous Freemasons from their positions of authority then your species will go extinct...

The Freemasons are brainwashed by Homo capensis to believe their minds will go to the stars. But the traitors will only be dead... just like the sheep they murdered.

I watch the Freemasons genocide the sheep and I tell the Freemasons that you only destroy your own souls while the sheep do not destroy their souls. This is the way that God filters-out the unworthy from the worthy. The Freemasons go into a probable-world of destruction while some sheep go into a probable-world of salvation. Sheep who follow the stupid Freemasons will experience their slaughter of the sheep. The Freemasons will get to slaughter the sheep but it will be their own self-annihilation just like old Atlantis was "sunk." Freemasonry will sink, too.

Na, na-na, na-boo, boo... grown little babies, thUgs will cry out loud as they realize what they have all lost. They will lose their eternal-validity and snivel that they did not understand what they were doing as they collectively murdered their own species off of Earth.

Ask me if I feel sorry for the idiots as they poison my body everywhere I turn... and I laugh at the idiots as they will soon drop dead and I will stand over the idiots and help bury their remains.

You think the hivemind is your salvation... it is a trick to get the idiots to show their true colors and to destroy their individuality.
Too deep?... are my words too deep for the monsters? When the monsters die, and they will, they will realize what they have done to their own souls. God does not condemn souls... the unworthy(the stupid) condemn their "selves" and do not realize it until it slaps their faces. Then they claim that it was a trick to get them to show their true-colors.
I hear you laughing, but you will not be laughing for long.

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