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Removal Of Homo Sapiens From Earth Is Encouraged By Removing The Creator-God From Humanity's Collective Thinking

JamesRoss - 168 Views
Published on 03 May 2021 / In Spiritual

You are slowly witnessing the Sell-Out of Humanity by the Mystery School Cult of brainwashed minions. This is a result of the Homo capensis brainwashing of the Cult who then brainwashes the unsworn into non-sense.

AllThatIs, the Creator-God cannot be removed from spirituality nor physical reality... Silly thUgs, rebuilders of the Tower-Of-Babel to believe it can replace God with A.I. ... such fools are these techno-thUgs. It is hard to imagine what thoughts they have and their lack of critical thinking.

You see, Jonathan Kleck is not a thUg, he is only the thUg's puppet.

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