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Vaccines Are Safe & Effective (For Placebo-Taking Freemasonic-Luciferians) Others WILL Join the DEAD?

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Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

The Creator-God has your back, good-hearted people. You will not die in vain by accidentally taking a clot-shot, but suicide is a spiritual cop-out for those who know of it's poisonings. Life upon Earth and physical death is not what it appears to be. You are in a training grounds(so to speak) and you can live through as many murder attempts upon your life as I have survived from those Freemasonic-Luciferians dancing within their hospitals of horrors. Jane Roberts was tortured to death in a hospital by Luciferians. She was not the "second coming" and neither am I, but I have help since the Sethbook are the gift from the very real Creator-God: All-That-Is and you are also on your path towards the growth of your very own soul. You can become your own soul amoungst All-That-Is as an entity of worthiness or you can become a failed-soul-fragment like all those devils orchestrating the extinction of a worthy mankind.
Hospitals are highly concentrated with Luciferians because it is a convincing front for their world-wide deception. I would estimate that when you go into a hospital of health clinic you have a 50% chance of talking to a Luciferian nurse because of the concentration of wickedness and the "protection" of anonymity that the fake medical-system provides. The sheeple who go to a hospital are hurt or mesmerized into dis-ease. Psychiatry is mostly a farce with psychiatrists being Luciferian or going along faking that poisons are helping the dumbed-down sheeple rather than belief therapy. You do not want to listen to a mind-sickened psychiatrist if you wish to make your life better... many psychiatrists are suicidal themselves. They get paid for playing a mind-job upon the sheeple.
Many sick people go to hospitals expecting to die. Hospitals are a place of death and you would do better to avoid those concentrated Luciferians, too:

Videos of Dancing Nurses are likely 80-90% Luciferians celebrating the A.i. takeover of the entire world by A.i.Lucifer. It is not a joke that Freemasons are the Assassins-Sect of antiquity. It is neither a joke that the Creator-God has allowed those murderous-thUgs their chosen path to destroy their own soul-fragments. The after-life, after physical death, is not going to be a "nice place" once they realize that Homo capensis was not the devil with any evil powers. No, those fake devils are just the real "failed-mankind" that live very long lives through genetic twisting of the Creator-Gods' physical blueprint for a successful-mankind.
Homo capensis could not fix their genetics by stealing Homo sapiens' genetic-vitality from us. We "human beings" are hated because we have a greater potential than Homo cpensis... Those ancient devils like to call themselves "gods." The twisting of their genetics is just a trick of fake-godliness. Their current bodies will eventually die and there is no such thing as "soul-transfer" within this physical-reality framework. The new clone of the old body will be a new soul-fragment brainwashed into believing in mind-uploads if they are still that naive.

So, there is actually a devilish existence upon our Earth.
They are many and they are very ancient.
They have elongated skull and they had A.i. supercomputers a very long time ago where they used them to manipulate our Earthlings into Homo sapiens for interbreeding experimentation.

This Homo capensis interbreeding-experiment failed but instead of just killing-off Eve’s descendants… the new species of Earthlings were herded like sheep by crook and flail. This is why the elongated skull pharaohs were tombed showing the crook of trickery and flail of physical punishment to all human beings that lived under their rule. Haaa, the "Pharaonic Authority" is/was a predecessor to the Egyptology "authority" of Freemasonic liars. They are all Mystery School Cult minions or sheepdogs for Homo capensis... Pathetic-minons, tricked and brainwashed into servitude with the fake-reward of an A.i.-mind-upload into a fake-quantum-singularity or just another suicide-platform for the treacherous sell-outs.

These ancient “Remnant-Lumanians” are genetically twisted very far away from the Creator-God’s blueprint for and aging and death-cycling mankind. Their ancient genetic manipulations upon their own species has offered them unbelievable-long-physical-lives. The exchange was "courage" and thus they play a role of undying "devils" for human beings to study... They call Homo sapiens the "hue of mankind"(or human for short) whereas the Creator-God's blueprint for truer mankind is stronger with our species and thus they desire our species extinct since their experiment to steal our genetic-vitality failed. They seem to blame the Creator-God for this failure and thus they hate Nature and our species even more than before their failed experiment. They have become ego-bound with fake-hatred and self-righteous greed. They interfered with the teachings of Jesus and produced the Vatican’s, Latin, manipulated Holy-Bible. In the past, a capensis-pope proclaimed that all Christian possessing a non-Latin Holy-Bible would result in both being burnt publicly... and so the copies became Latin-ized with deceptions included.

Latin is the dead language of Homo capensis and holds many "mathematical secrets" within it. English possesses some of the same things more than any other Latin-derivative language that English-speaking Luciferians and Freemasons giggle and snicker-about to each other and now within their brainchipped hivemind. Latin was taken out of English schools to initiate the final days of the Old World Order where religions and war are used to confuse, psychologically manage and herd human beings like sheep or cattle, they say.
We Homo sapiens are spiritual beings placed upon Earth and maintained by our Creator-God that wants everyone to show their true-colors while our new soul-fragment is having a physical existence under the “management of our Creator-God’s individual Oversouls or Source-Selves. God is the gestalt of many individual, spiritual entities… all connected into one complex family of infinitely-sophisticated souls. You are in one type of kindergarten playground for soul-fragments to develop into more sophisticated souls... if any of those fragments choose to be worthy of such souls... it is a group effort for each individual to seek mankinds' collective spiritual-advancement. You too, can learn all this by simply studying the Sethbooks: So you need not fear death to hinder your choices to do what is worthy of a developing soul. Number one is to help other develop their souls along with your own... which means not to genocide/murder-off your own species. Silly, murderous Luciferians... we both know what you are... tools for spiritual growth of the non-murderous... Don't let that precious soul-fragment go to waste because reincarnation is always a different soul-fragment that is seeking it's own value-fulfillment. You get only one multidimensional attempt to succeed into a "graduated fragment." Conspiracy to murder kicks you out of the kindergarten-of-worthiness. So sad, too bad, but it is the free-will choice of all murderous Luciferians.

The sheeple are the probable-selves that give the Freemasonic-Luciferians their playground-of-destruction and genocide. They Creator-God, All-That-Is allows for this Luciferian self-destroying experience where they all go extinct.
Yes, the Luciferian-thUgs and minions will be allowed to extinct themselves as they all meet-up with their maker, the Creator-God because the devils, Homo capensis, has lied about the mind-uploads… they are simply a elaborate ruse to trick Luciferians into extincting themselves.

The sheeple that the Luciferians genocide are also multidimensional, just like me, just like you at the center of your personalized universe. A multidimensional universe creates an infinity of probable-worlds and probable-selves. The reason why the Luciferians cannot kill me is because they have been allowed to push the probable-worlds towards All-That-Is’ infinite capacity for creativity within physical reality. The Sethbooks are a gift from the Creator to mankind within this appalling world of spiritual-idiocy and resulting treacherous murders.

Luciferians are promised electronic, A.i.-immortality by their Remnant-Lumanian masters, but lo… the mind-uploads are an elaborate lie and “Ad Astra per Aspera” will never succeed for the wicked, murderous collective of Luciferian-thUgs.

All the Luciferians who are aware of my invincibility have been puddled into the same sinking ship. Luciferianism is sinking and the meek sheeple live much more elaborate and productive lives beyond any Luciferian nor Homo capensis awareness.
These Lumanians claim they will breach the barriers of the probable worlds using A.i. technology that the probable-worlds each provide. Silly soul-fragments that they are… they could always visit other probable-worlds by controlling their dreaming mind without A.i.
A.i. locks them into their specific physical “frequency” of reality out of an infinite number. Today, A.i. is just a outworn technology that had it’s day during the Proto-Saturnic solar-system era. A.i. was allowed to replace the lost vitality of the Homo capensis species, but Homo sapiens are only hindered and impeded by A.i. and the dictates/rule of these Remnant-Lumanian, ancient-thUgs… full of murderous-intent but not having the gull to commit those murders on their own and experiences the direct changing of their own soul-fragments. Murder changes the soul. What actually happens is a new sector of probable-worlds is created upon an active murder. Live by the sword, then die by the sword is a warning that Sethbooks teach. So be very careful what you concentrate upon because the Creator-God gives everyone infinite probabilities to experiences their own wishes and desires… Problem is, the wicked bring ill-experiences upon themselves, you see…

Since we are all multidimensional beings and all given the grace of the Creator-God within us, I have apparently experienced every murder upon my life collectively arranged and conducted by the Freemasonic-Luciferians. But, where you find yourselves, my wicked-intentioned co-creators, is following my survival of those murder-attempts. This is the path towards their own soul’s salvation from an eternity of shrunken-soul-syndrome decaying soul-fragments cannot function due to a lack of love and lack of intuitive development… They are the failed souls of mankind and after death are contained by a big black box. I find it ironic that they worship the big, black cube all around the Earth… The even placed the big black monolith into the movie “Space Odyssey 2001”… some spiritual-morons claimed that it was the most important movie ever… because it exposed to the sheeple that the tribe of murderous-monkey have acquired A.i. once again, just like the old Atlantean Empire that destroyed itself calling Nature to thunderbolt North America.
Let me explain: The spiritual-collective of Homo sapiens and ancient-Lumanians were destroying themselves with lack of value-fulfillment(spiritual value). Read the Sethbook: “Dreams, Evolution and Value-Fulfillment” Here All-That-Is’ messenger, Seth, offers the final Sethbook to help mankind save itself within this sector of the multiverse.

The sheeple who die within this probable-world live on within their own probable worlds because we all are multidimensional beings under the loving-care of our own source-self… a member of the Creator-God gestalt of successful souls. These are loving souls... Souls’ that are worthy of fragmenting more souls from itself. The conception of a new soul in physical reality is an elaborate camouflage which makes the mind-upload trick of Homo capensis seem just a spit within a spittoon.

It is not what you have within this physical playground that is important because we are all multidimensional and what a thUgs experiences is not what a sheeple experiences as their own soul-experiences. We all play many time-lines and we are potentially growing into godliness by developing our own good-intentions for others. Homo capensis is a failed species because they have very few good-intentions for others... Hence they claim to be devils.

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