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Texe Marrs interview of Bill Cooper about "Behold a Pale Horse"

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Published on 16 May 2022 / In People and Blogs

It is obvious with just a bit of research that the Vatican rules the Freemasons. Most Freemasons use Christianity as their cover. Catholics, mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Scientologists and many others are tricked during introduction to those "religions" only to find out the upper-management is Mystery School Cult minions and very secretive and corrupt. If a man sees how overwhelming the corruption is to the point where he does not defy it and instead goes along with the corruption to a "safer" life... then the corruption spreads into the innocent minds and attitudes like a big bag of good apples with a few decaying-soul-fragments(bad apples) hiding within it.

And so the Cult-sworn thUgs like to repeat over and over that "it is not the evil men you must punish(most Cult minions), but those men who do nothing about the wickeness that they discover." This is a cop-out statement of traitors because it is the conspiratorial and murderous thUgs who have the decaying soul-fragments and have exchanged their loving gift from God of eternal-validity for their chosen life of murderous behavior and conspiratorial genocide against the oblivious, dying sheeple complaining that vaccines are more harmful than the fear of covid-19(Covid-19 translates to "Satan-race Sheep Slaughter, if you didn't know...)
( I began producing 1000's of CDs in 2002 to distribute after discovering government corruption about the NAFTA exposed by Shelly Ann Clark along with 9/11 WTC-treachery... (see ) But like William Cooper's HOTT efforts, the sheeple were not ready to awaken to the truth back then. 20 years later(30 years after Bill Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse" I first discovered Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series in 2015 while Freemasons were still trying to assassinate me, too, but we are multidimensional creatures, so I still live.) the sheeple begin to awaken as they discover the corruption of the fake-vaccinations by Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs within the Medical-Mafia run health-officials.) When sheep begin to die, the surviving sheep begin to stir and flock about much, much more.
And the Cult-minions like to pretend that an installed brainchip "evolves" their wicked Cult into a new group of "evolved" human2.0, haa, "Homo eradicus" The Freemasonic thUgs are simply grasping for excuses to justify their atrocities against the Creator-God's design. Following in the footsteps of their hateful masters, Homo capensis.

The true blueprint for mankind is to eventually combine intuition with reason and then rejoin with the Creator-God's blessings, but Homo capensis short-circuited their true blueprint for their own species using A.i. to alter their blessed genetics into a long-living, soul-decaying abomination. The Lumanian-abomination thus failed to serve as a loving caretaker for any planet they rapped, let alone, Earth. Look how Freemasonic minions(Monsanto) sabotage, by Homo capensis instructions, the genetics of Earth's animal and plant kingdoms that maintains all sustainable life upon Earth. Then look at the Freemasonic fake-politicians who preach "sustainability" in their world-changing documents. They are corrupt and they toil to corrupt the design of the Creator-God. They are suicidal nut-jobs given power to direct the dumb sheep. They deserve to be uploaded into A.i. supercomputers as they desire... before they complete devastate Earth's ecology to sustain free life. The Sethbooks warn humanity that Homo sapiens will become unworthy of Nature if Homo capensis is allowed to destroy Nature under our watch. Those who see the destruction of Nature by Freemasonic thUgs, but do nothing to stop the destruction of Nature by that Mystery School Cult of spiritual-morons.

Looks like Cooper's original Humanity's-Salvation website(HOTT) is beginning to collapse: One of the most worthy defenders of the USA constitution... not enough support to defend his good works against the Luciferian/Freemasons and maintain his outstanding efforts to save the constitution. Yet $40 billion US funds goes to another false-flag war in Ukraine. Only $0.5 billion to USA farmers for food production interests... It is all very amazing... I began exposing the Luciferian corruption 20 years ago, but it all gets squashed by the Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs.

How could people, like William Cooper, with so little to go on 30 years ago have done so much to save the people of today who actually are witnessing the slaughter of the sheeple. Only to find those sheeple too oblivious to acknowledge the slaughter conducted by the wicked Freemasons and Eastern-star thUgs. What overwhelming brainwashing at work here to watch sheeple fight reason and intuition that warns them that the slaughter house doors are open wide with their minds wide shut. And these are not the brainchipped zombies doing this, they are just dumbed down, they are not remotely controlled like other defiant opponents:

This interview must have been in the early 1990s.

Original Description:
Texe Marrs interviews Bill Cooper during his program World of Prophecy on WWCR shortwave radio station. The discussion mainly revolves around Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse. What caused Cooper to give his book such a title, why did he begin his mission to inform the sheeple, what he learnt from his life long research into the mystery religions and how his experiences from his military service impacted his quest--are but some of the questions Cooper touches upon.

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