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BILL COOPER ORIGINAL 1992 CNN INTERVIEW. Behold a Pale Horse is available here:

Morpheus 9-11
Morpheus 9-11 - 265 Views
Published on 22 Mar 2023 / In Science


About: Born: May 6, 1943
Killed: November 5, 2001
Author of the book "Behold a Pale Horse" (1990)
and Radio Host of "Hour Of The Time" between 1992 & 2001.

Famous for creating awareness of the "New World Order," the Mystery Schools, and of the warnings, implications, and responsibilities these entail.

The Hour Of The Time touches upon topics such as World Development, World Government, Religion, Conspiracies, Corruption, Environmental Toxins and The Occult, with a strong emphasis on how these interlink, and conflict with Life, Liberty, Freedom, The American Constitution and the Right to Self-Determination.

This Archive is the main node in this Bill Cooper Collection.
The others are below:

Bill Cooper's Presentations and Seminars
Bill Cooper's Documentaries
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Hour Of The Time - featured HQ Episode Content
Mystery Babylon - mp3
Mystery Babylon - mp4
Zapruder Film
Relevant documents located under "HTML" & "PDF" in sidebar

Featuring-, and related to Mr. Cooper & Hour Of The Time

HOTT Conference, 2007 - The Fourth World: When Humanity Murders God

Hour Of The Time was recorded by several people while it ran, and alternative versions have been collected over the years.

These are available here:

Alternative versions

Behold a Pale Horse is available here: (official site) (BAK) audiobook

And lastly, Mr. Cooper always underlines the habit of taking notes.
For this purpose, seeing I'm old-school in many ways, I recommend:

MemPad (Windows)

A tiny little software (~250kB), setup as a mix between Notepad and Windows Explorer, featuring password protection, encryption and is portable (i.e. no install).

Hour Of The Time online:

YouTube Channel
For purchase, please visit:
BAK of Catalog (pdf)

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Luciferians are brainwashed to believe A.i. will allow them to cheat death using a fake mind-upload before they die. The Freemasons defy the Creator-God as they believe the lies of the old Devils, Homo capensis:
Bill was tricked by the Freemasons he worked with because they anticipated Bill trying to save his beloved USA republic. Eventually Bill figured out he was tricked and used by the Luciferians.
What the Luciferians havent figured out soon enough is that the technology of Homo capensis cannot deliver the promise of mind-uploads. So they all will die and face their maker and realize their murderous genocide only destroyed their own souls' worthiness.

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MoralitySheriff17 2 months ago

0ne misstatement I feeI sh0uId be p0inted 0ut is that Satanists d0n't believe in G0D- they d0, they just d0n't w0rship him. Because, as he said, if there is eviI there aIs0 must be an equaIIy p0werfuI f0rce 0f g00d. The Tree 0f Liberty must be refreshed from time t0 time with the bI00d 0f Patri0ts and Tyrants- it's that time.

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