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Texe Marrs Interviews Bill Cooper - 1 of 4

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Published on 12 May 2022 / In People and Blogs

Part 2:

Looks like Cooper's original site is beginning to collapse: One of the most worthy defenders of the USA constitution... not enough support to defend his good works against the Luciferian/Freemasons and maintain his outstanding efforts to save the constitution. Yet $40 billion US funds goes to another false-flag war in Ukraine. Only $0.5 billion to USA farmers for food production interests... It is all very amazing... I began exposing the Luciferian corruption 20 years ago, but it all gets squashed by the Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs.

This interview must have been in the early 1990s.

Original Description:
Texe Marrs interviews Bill Cooper during his program World of Prophecy on WWCR shortwave radio station. The discussion mainly revolves around Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse. What caused Cooper to give his book such a title, why did he begin his mission to inform the sheeple, what he learnt from his life long research into the mystery religions and how his experiences from his military service impacted his quest--are but some of the questions Cooper touches upon.

just believed so much in this nation and
so much in our form of government that I
was literally born offender by this
(This is another way that Youtube thUgs hide truth... Cooper said "torn asunder" but the algorithms in Youtube purposely changed it into their disinfo: "born offender." The audio is very bad likely because Youtube changed it to be that way to discourage listeners. The wicked are always playing their tricks upon the "sheeple." But in their ends they will only realize their chosen path was their own lack and their own blunder.)

was like someone had ripped my soul out
of my body and and everything that I had
ever learned or known in my life was
just all of a sudden I was confronted
with with the fact that it just was not
so I studied for many years I left the
Navy I had intended to stay in the
service retire I left the Navy because I
could no longer be a part of this

In this interview Cooper exposes the rebuilding of the next Tower-Of-Babel hivemind of Mystery School Cult minions who are still brainwashed into committing the ultimate atrocity that destroyed the Old Atlanteans.... the genocide of their own species by claiming that they have fake-"evolved" by implanting enslavement chips into their brains where A.i. can now take over their Creator-God given physical manifestations.

What the Church of ISIS (or Initiates) do not realize is that the Creator-God provides them with second by second existence within the illusionary physical-reality. This illusion is provided by the physical senses as they disregard their inner senses. This illusion is designed to allow the new soul-fragments to make their choices through the probabilities... through the infinite probable-worlds and by doing so, they show their true colours, so to speak.

Unworthy soul-fragments are allowed to become murderous-thUgs by imagining that their Cult lead by Homo capensis will protect them and provide them with the fake "Sixth Root of Evolved Humans". Evolved by enslavement to the Homo capensis species... you see how stupid these murderous-thUgs really have become? They really think that Homo capensis has provided them with an escape from death through mind-uploads into A.i. This is just a trick that Homo capensis has brainwashed into their heads to allow them an imaginary escape from facing their atrocities against their own species and Nature and their Creator-God.

They are the failing soul-fragments that God created and is presently testing for worthiness to prove themselves for eternal validity as a member of All-That-Is. The Creator-God does not "smite" the unworthy... the unworthy souls simple extinguish their own existences after they realize that their gifted soul-fragments refused to grow with lovingness and instead choose the unworthy path of murder and hate and selfrighteous-greed to guide their choices through the probabilities.

Fear not all you loving, so called "profane sheeple..." You who have chosen to follow your hearts with natural love towards others as the Creator-God love you. The worthy soul-fragments are also required to desire to make your customized probable worlds better places to live for all, not just a selected few of brainchipped slaves who imagine they have "evolved."

The Satan-race has tricked the unworthy to choose their self-annihilation to replace their already given salvation... they have given-up everything for just lies to encourage them to show the true colours of their souls.

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