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Texe Marrs - An Interviews With Bill Cooper - 4 of 4.mp4

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Published on 12 May 2022 / In Firearms
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JamesRoss 13 days ago  

Cooper was set-up by the Freemasons to believe that aliens from other solar-systems are visiting Earth. He eventually figured out that he was used after publishing his "Behold a Pale Horse."

Cooper witnesses the anti-gravity ships while in the military and afterward at Area 51... They do exist, but are not from outer-space... the technology is ancient, from Homo capensis. (Freemasons hide their ancient masters of their Cult, they hide their ancient technology and this is how the Freemasons now have their brainchip-hivemind army against all non-Cult people). It is time to awaken to the fact that humanity is spliced with ancient genetics into Neanderthals and Homo erectus using ancient A.i.

All other hominids were genocided off of Earth by these self-righteous masters of their Mystery School Cult. They want the Earth under their A.i. control and their minions (all the secret socieites) are helping them in exchange for the lie of uploading their minds into A.i.

Freemasons are not just traitors to their countries like the USA... they are the dumb-down taitors to our species as they pretend that a brainchip has "evolved" them into greater stupidity... and it did make them more self-righteous just like their masters.

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no0negun 14 days ago

What kind of firearms are those “UFOs” using?

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