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Sethbook Explains How Minions Can Escape Their Deal With The Devil and Save their Souls

JamesRoss - 294 Views
Published on 30 May 2023 / In People and Blogs

This may come as a surprise, but I saw a "Devil" in Winnipeg in 2019... in a library. He just came to look at me after I escaped another set-up by his Freemasons, since I am targeted by thUgs as a resistor and exposer of their NWO takeover.

The big problem that they are having with me is that they can't assassinate me from my own perspective, but that is the case for everyone. All-That-Is provides infinite probable-worlds so as other people die from your probability path, you just keep living to your designed old age. Everyone is at the center of their own universe as we all co-create our incarnation into everyone else's probable worlds multidimentionally. By understanding this, you are not at the mercy of anyone else (like the devils lying to you).

What the Creator-God does for everyone is providing the multidimensional universe to live our lives in with free-will. When an organized group of thUgs tries to murder you, they begin destroying their souls. God wants us all to learn from our errors to give our OverSouls maximized spiritual growth.
All-That-Is also allows new soul-fragments like me and you to become worthy or unworthy. Murderous, hateful, self-righteously greedy souls become unworthy and the secret societies are created and lead by the failed mankind, Homo capensis, which the bible called "The Devil" or "Satan."

A.i. technology had been developed many ancient civilizations ago and the Freemasons have the silly job to hide this knowledge from the sheeple not sworn to serve the ancient, capensis monsters.
There is no battle between God and Devil. What is really happening as Western Civilization is designed to collapse is that their new A.i. supercomputer fake-god is again trying to do the same thing as past failed civilizations... to extinct Homo sapiens.

People with good-intentions and good will are challenged to develop their soul-fragments into worthy souls with this great challenge to help save humanity from extinction.
Freemasons and other thUgs are working at their "Great Work" to help capensis to extinct humanity with a fake pay-off of mind-uploads.

Capensis has lied and tricked Freemasons that A.i. can send their consciousness to the stars, "Ad Astra per Aspera" is their dog-latin saying all over Earth and it is a trick to get them to serve the devils and then commit suicide.

The sheeple that you see dying around you are only dying in this part of the multidimensional universe and they live on for a full life elsewhere as explained by the Sethbooks. But to kill others will still destroy their soul-fragments by making it unworthy of a useful afterlife. The Creator-God has no use for murderous idiots who developed skills in poisoning others through deception. The Homo capensis live a long time and should have figured out that they are also destroying their precious soul-fragments, too, but they are genetically twisted by ancient A.i. to remain an adolescent-race full of immaturity even though the withered with age. Living so long has made them very self-righteous as they pretend that they are living gods, but they have only become pathetic, murderous thUgs instead.

Now, Homo sapiens are a very young race now coming to maturity as we need to realize that killing others makes our soul-fragments unworthy.
Freemasons need to wake-up that the devils are just tricksters and that A.i. is just an outworn technology which will help them destroy Nature's loving support and eventually the Earth, too. Apparently, other species have also destroyed themselves... look and the destruction of Homo capensis rule over the Saturnic Solar System... It physically got ripped to pieces because capensis is spiritually unworthy to be a loving caretaker of those planets.

Life upon Earth is the only surviving planet from that Velikovsky Capture of Saturn by our current star, The Sun.

The Saturnic Sun was destroyed by our new Sun which is giving us life with seasons again upon Earth. Homo capensis have become the "Remnant-Lumanian" monsters that hate Nature and Earth. This is why the minions poison the Earth crops and life-forms with pesticides, herbicides, and GMO patents... very disgusting how the Freemasons have played the stupid-minion game with the devils.

There will never be a mind-upload that can save any of the monsters and minions from facing their maker. The Creator-God is providing them with the destruction of their own infinite, probable-worlds within the miraculous multidimensional universe playground of mistakes, failures and some successes.

Homo sapiens can still become a success, but it will be a challenge with ancient monsters, pathetic minions and now an A.i.Lucifer fake-god trying to destroy everyone with good-intentions.

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