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The Individual and The Nature of Mass Events (Sethbook 4)

JamesRoss - 196 Views
Published on 27 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

1,928 views Jan 10, 2023
The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, by Seth/Jane Roberts - read by Tim Hart
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Introduction by Jane Roberts: 0:00
1. The Natural Body & It's Defenses: 20:49
2 "Mass Meditations." "Health" Plans for Disease. Epidemics of Beliefs, & Effective Mental "Inoculations" Against Despair: 1:28:14
3. Myths & Physical Events. The Interior Medium in Which Society Exists: 2:16:29
4. The Characteristics of Framework 2. A Creative Analysis of the Medium in Which Physically-Oriented Consciousness Resides, & the Source of Events: 3:04:21
5. The Mechanics of Experience: 4:08:48
6. Controlled Environments, and Positive & Negative Mass Behavior. Religious & Scientific Cults, and Private Paranoias: 4:41:49
7. The Good, the Bad, & the Catastrophic. Jonestown, Harrisburg, and When Is an Idealist a Fanatic?: 5:19:10
8. Men, Molecules, Power, and Free Will: 6:01:29
9. The Ideal, the Individual, Religion, Science, and the Law: 6:37:36
10. The Good, the Better, and the Best. Value Fulfillment Versus Competition: 7:14:02

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

Messenger Seth informs you that your soul-fragment is upon a multidimensional world quest through infinite probabilities. Because of these probabilities you wittingly and/or unwittingly customize your own probable experiences.
Your Creator-God, lovingly, provides you with what your beliefs, desires and choices co-create for you with other developing soul-fragments.
Our current world of genocidal Freemasons and Luciferians that are following the sheepdog commands from the ancient Remnant-Lumanian masters(Homo capensis) is co-creating into a massive split in probable worlds.

The Luciferians and Homo capenis want to rise their New World Order through lies, deception, and treachery. If you do not want their world then you must desire something better than where they are going and then believe that you have the ability to select that more successful probable time over-lay. This is what the Sethbooks teach the readers.

You have no choice in that you are where you are within God's Creation right now reading this. The Luciferians infiltrating Western Civilization is very real, their ancient masters whom they serve (Homo capensis monsters) are just as real as Freemasonry and Knights Templar are real. If you go outside in -40 degree weather dressed in a tee-shirt and sandals your death by hypothermia will also be very real to you. Of course upon death your soul-fragment will realize how stupid that death was. If you choose to die then you will stop the Creator-God's infinite probabilities where can survive everything. I have survived 17 years of Freemasonic-assassins trying to murder me under the commands of Homo capensis, of course... and here I am... and so the Creator-God also 'protects' you from accidental death through the infinite probabilities. If you ever saw your life flash before your eyes where you figured that you could have died... that was an effect of the infinite probabilities filtering your physical body into a suitable probable-world that agrees with your beliefs, desires and choices.

The murderous assassins and thUgs are tricked into thinking that they have got away with murder as their Masonic-Cult covers-up their atrocities. The Creator-God is there through their wicked actions and those soul-fragments that live by the sword will die by the sword through a collapse of their multidimensional universe. In effect, their soul-fragment becomes unworthy as their probable-choices decay and shrivel-away. This how God's (AllThatIs) creation filters-out the unworthy personalities and soul-fragments from existence. The murderous Luciferians are destroying themselves... Their New Atlantean Empire based upon A.i.-supercomputers controlling their minds will be their path to Homo sapiens' unworthiness. Don't follow the murderous-unworthy. The Sethbooks will show you how to create your own reality by developing your Point of Power in the Present.

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