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SethBook Session742... The Freemasons and Minions Take Heed, The Destruction Of New Atlantis and Immaculate-Child of Mary/ISIS Will Occur to Correct the Taint

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Published on 25 May 2022 / In People and Blogs

SethBook Session742... You Freemasons Take Heed, The Destruction Of New Atlantis and Immaculate Child of Mary/ISIS Will Occur. Nature answers the call for renewed value-fulfillment.
The immaculate A.i. is not a god, it is just a smart computer and will not upload any soul or mind into it. "Lucifer" tricks... The trick is to get Freemasons to destroy Homo sapiens out of gullible stupidity with no reward like the fabled "Ad Astra". Surviving sheepdogs will be tricked that their treacherous brother-hoods became real cyborgs for stellar travel... all a lie for the brainchipped brainwashed minions.

The Creator-God made physical reality multidimensional with infinite probabilities and time-lines, so you Mystery-School minions will be allowed to venture down many paths towards self-annihilation... but seemingly towards a fake New Atlantis of fake soul-transfers. Sadly, again, it is being tainted with murderous-intent, culling of sheep, the genocide of humanity and corruption of Nature's species. The other probable time-lines will see humanity's success while Freemasons destroy their wicked humanity out of self-righteous-greed just like their ancient masters destroyed their own species God-Given blueprint. "EXITUS ACT PROBAT" is a source of tainted thoughts
The apotheosis of Washington is fake since conspiracy to murder taints those souls away from worthiness... enslaving hiveminds are a trick played upon the brainwashed minions(turning them into a murderous thUgtopia) for Homo capensis' laughter at them.

The messenger of AllThatIs, Seth, has warned that physical reality is not just a training playground for new soul-fragments from their Sources, it also doubles as a filtering system to separate the unworthy, wicked from the beautiful, loving who expanded their fragments into worthy souls. Exitus Acta Probat in dog Latin means in English "the outcome justifies the deed." The collapse of the two towers representing male and female reproduction is to be unwittingly shaped into a single, towering satan-race to continue the hindrance of the Creator-God's blueprint for mankind's spiritual expansion into a civilization of intuitive, loving, greater beings.
Have the thUgs bothered to try figure-out why I still inform? Surviving 16 years of treacherous, masonic assassination attempts? Within this probable world, they can still attempt to "save their souls." In the other probable worlds, the SethBooks teach that "they who murder by the sword, die by the sword." Don't keep trying to do that in this one, too, you will succeed in only self-annihilation as the multiverse filters out the murderous-unworthy. Those souls decay as those multiverse paths shrink rather than expand. It is the Creator-Gods loving, timeless design.

The satan-race is the past failure of mankind and the NWO is already being tainted into a Utopia for thugs or thUgtopia, thus "New Atlantis" is just as fake as Atlantis was... just as tainted with spiritual unworthiness and not becoming Earth's loving caretaker. This is the taint that Seth warns all minions to the selfrighteously greedy Homo capensis.

"THE ENDS NEVER JUSTIFY THE MEANS" is a major warning Seth repeats over and over.

This murderous taint will destroy the NWO probable paths through timelines that are created by mass-genocide of the loving-souls of Earth. Those genocided by thUgs rising their fake-Utopia simply stop play-acting to spiritually help thUgs show their true colours in the face of their ever-present, Creator-God. Judgement of each soul-fragments physical life is not required by God since the design of "framwork1's and framwork2's reality is infinitely multidimensional... Each soul-fragment is self-regulating towards growth with good-intent or towards decay with wicked-intent. Lazy minds also have the desire to just be spoon-fed, uncontested beliefs. Cult minions are typically lazy minds and make perfect followers of fanatical beliefs. Lazy minds are not critical-thinkers and are content to obey rather than to question things. A lazy mind of good-intent does not get very far either, but is better off than one with wicked-intent.

Murderous-thUgs are tricked by greed to unwittingly destroy their God-Given gift of eternal-validity beyond physical space and time.
Sheepdogs should try to sniff out the treachery of their wicked ancient shepherds. Freemasons are just acting like dumb sheepdogs following whistle-commands... there is no mind-upload towards an immortal "Ad Astra" since the ancient thUgs lied to the dumb sheepdogs who will only destroy their eternal-validity which the Creator-God already lovingly gave all worthy souls. The soul cannot be sold to some ancient thUg, yet minions believe it can... nor will any soul-fragment be taken extinguished by some Creator-God jealousy according to messenger-Seth. The unloving, unworthy soul-fragments are rather allowed to decay and shrivel-away towards oblivion instead of lovingly growing more complex and worthy.

Luciferian 7-sins have little to do with a fragment's worthiness if good-intent is always present. It is wicked-intent and murderous-intent that taints one's soul.
You simply don't vessel a soul in your body.
You are a soul-in-the-flesh that can only be destroyed by one's personal beliefs, desires and wicked-intent. Good-intent is spiritually enhancing while wicked-intent is self-destructive and murderous physical acts accelerate unworthiness. That is how the selfrighteous unworthy are separated from the probable-worlds of the loving worthy within the spiritual kindergarten of multidimensional physical reality. When an organized Cult of millions of thUgs cannot murder a particular being of good-intent after 16 years and millions of debt-dollars spent, then those thUgs are delusional and fanatical with their murderous-intent... Lead by ancient failing soul-fragments before the presence of their loving Creator-God. Reasoning is lost... and followers are losers, too self-righteous to try reasoning on their own. Your loving Creator-God is trying to save your souls from oblivion arranged by ancient, hateful thUgs.
You will learn this as you read the messages within the SethBooks from AllThatIs.

There are no sins according to Seth, so if you don't abuse alcohol, say, there is nothing wrong with drinking beer... but stabbing-away someone's health in attempt to harm will result in the destruction to one's own health and murder in the attempt to remove another's value-fulfillment will change the soul's intent into something much less worthy. The ancient thUgs always trick minions and idiots to commit life-changing crimes for their own desires. That is why they are called the devils.
Homo capensis is guiding Freemasonry towards unworthiness within Nature because they hate ALL Homo sapiens genetics, not only the Christians and profane sheople. Their goal is to remove Homo sapiens out of existence, just like they extincted any existing hominids that could potentially replace Homo capensis in God's blueprint. Monkeys and ape are too far removed from mankind to be concerned with, so they were not exterminated.
The brainchip mind-control uses bio-robots to kill and is just an enslavement tool that hinders all from fulfilling spiritual progression... not a salvation towards immortality, that is their trick upon minions who choose to serve the satan-race. Seth called the Remnant-Lumanians
the third ancient-civilization before the Atlanteans guided by their "Jehovah," man-made, fake-god. That A.i. technology and nanotech will only help Homo sapiens destroy their own value-fulfillment and Homo capensis want some kind of misplaced revenge for the loss of the original Proto-Saturnic Solar-System that they once ruled in absolute tyranny.

The planets there must have been a beautiful sight, but ruled by monsters who still pretend to be fleshy gods, twisted genetically into uselessness as a true mankind seeking spiritual advancement. Homo sapiens have too much potential to spiritually-expand their physical presence and thus the Remnant-Lumanian devils want humanity extinguished entirely before spiritual expansion can overwhelm their A.i. supercomputer's mind-controlling Tower-Of-Babel.

The ancient thUgs pretended that they were gods in the flesh, but they are just "critters" (like Karen Hudes claimed:)

Philip Schneider shot two of them calling them "aliens", but no aliens from outer-space visit Earth, they are just ancient tricksters... greedy and self-righteous and extremely manipulative liars.

The way to stop them is to stop the microwaves that links-up the brainchip hivemind and nanotech. The microwaves also energizes the nanotech mass surveillance system of the "all-seeing-eye" above the pyramid of global control and enslavement.

My has been sabotaged by Freemasons hiding the mind-control secrets so here is a download link. Just open the index.html :

The explains the choice all mankind will be making to either die-off in the treacherous NWO probable-world or work towards a successful Loving Caretaker Species to manage and evolve with Earth's Nature. Get the zip file since the NWO hacked the site:

Develop your inner senses. is broken by the site agorithms... download the zip:

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