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Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover's Death Goes Silent By All Mass Media And Cult-run Medical-Mafia.

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Published on 08 Jun 2021 / In Health


Have you figured out that you unsworn are living amoungst a wack of monsters?

There are three levels of monsters.
The first two levels of monsters are Homo sapiens who are willing to genocide their own species.

There are unsworn humans who go-along-to-get-along with the Cult-sworn monsters have sold-out their country and neighbors and possibly their own family members through silence and fear of their own death. These are the typical people who think their own survival is more important than the truth and loving nature of our species. These types of people who are not brainchipped yet can quickly be converted back to worthiness, back to a more truthful and loving faith of this multidimensional universe and All-That-Is.

The second level of monsters are much more brainwashed and hard-core murderers and followers of thUggery. They are all the higher-levels of the Mystery School Cult which mainly include the Freemasons and the Eastern-Stars. The Bluelodge level of the Cult Freemasons are not complete monsters as of yet. They do not see themselves as monsters since the Cult brainwashes the lovingness out of their dispositions and teaches them to be schitzophrenic being possibly good-acting while on their own, but wicked-acting if their Cult-hierarchy (and/or brainchip interface A.I. connection) tells them to participate in a murder that is all set-up to allow them to get away with it... (like Nurse Tiffany Dover).

Both the second and first level of human-sell-outs monsters work their way to the authoritative positions of society. The Cult-members always trick or tell the unsworn sell-outs of humanity what they are expected to do in order to stay alive or keep their family or friends alive. The unsworn are often tricked not to care for the country, constitution of freedoms, or unknown, innocent people in general...(like what Rockefeller tried to convince "Freedom to Fascism" filmmaker Aaron Russo to do, but Russo exposed Rockefeller instead). The big secret about the multidimensional universe that our Creator-God gave all of us the position to be at the center of, is that your multidimensional-Oversoul keeps your conscious mind where your personal beliefs and desires remain... only other people and things will die until you spiritually desire your life to end. This is the secret as to why you survived every time that you might have died. If mankind did not have such a multiverse to survive within, mankind would have gone extinct long, long ago. We are primarily spiritual having a physically deceptive experience in order to learn how to grow our soul-fragments with a loving nature. The monsters are low-level soul-fragments who have unwittingly chosen to decay their soul-gift into nothingness (towards oblivion).

This information is within the Seth-Books and that is why the third level of monsters on Earth have suppressed the Seth-Books from the understanding of both the Cult-sworn and the unsworn humans. These books will help and guide you towards spiritual expansion and the ancient-thUgs have hindered their own capacity to do so on purpose and exchange for extremely long lives.

The third type of monsters upon Earth have written into their Holy Bible for the Christians a "Satan" which represents their satan-race of mankind that used to be called the Lumanian-race, but are now just a shadow of those people represented by a lingering, dying breed of Remnant-Lumanians.

They hate Nature and hide from it's wrath with their ancient technology deep within the Earth's crust. This is why they instructed their Mystery School Cult minions to build a massive underground network of Deep Underground Military Bases.

Brien Foerster discovered the Freemasons of Pen Museum covering-up the existence of Homo capensis. But all of the Freemason and Cult-run society work together to psychologically herd the unsworn to remain oblivious to the pressence of the ancient satan-race from whence humanity was spliced into the pre-cataclysmic homonids of the Proto-Saturnic Solar System: It is my guess that Homo capensis actually originated within that solar-system as well as our own.

The Remnant-Lumanian monsters are very closely related to our hybird species to the ability for superficial interbreeding to occur. They had no plan to create a new species of slaves, instead they wanted to revitalize their own specie's genetics by fucking their genetics into Homo sapiens women until little of humanity remained within the offspring. This would have taken thousands of years to achieve and their would have been no desire to allow human males to survive child-birth until the genetic take-over was considered a successful experiment. But that experiment failed due to our lovely women's genetics that refused to die-out or be taken-over. It is a spiritual thing... and hence Homo capensis resorted to plan "B" which was to trick the Mystery School Cult of thUgs like the Freemasons to extinct themselves after rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel and genociding their own Homo sapiens genetics off the face of the Earth like a collective-of-thUgs or monsters.

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