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Like Carrie Madej - Stand Up For What You Believe -- Your Good-Intentions Can and Will Guide You Away from the Wicked Worlds

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Published on 04 May 2021 / In Health

Source: https://t.me/Covid19disclosure/731

You need not fear the wicked.
They have been collectively decaying their spiritual hearts of love... away from this world.

Within their festering is murderous hatred and self-righteous greed. Their Mystery School Cult has been trying to assassinate me for fifteen years and they find it impossible to accomplish because I am spiritually here besides being physically here. This is the same case for all you people of good-intent and those who desire to be no longer one of the wicked. You will not die if you desire to live. You will not be poisoned by the wicked if you desire to survive into a better world. This is your gift from the Creator-God that you may not have figured out yet. You are in a training ground to grow your soul with love, not to decay your soul with hate and greed. The Cult behind the fake-Covid-19, the fake-vaccines, the planned genocide for the sheep will have to find a hole to crawl into as good-intentions for humanity overwhelms their wickedness. This is the path through your probable-choices which will help you survive the thUg's genocide.

It is time for you to mature mentally and stand-up for your belief in a loving world and display your dislike for the wicked, murderous and thUg-world of the Freemasons and the rest of the secret-societies who are sworn to secretive thUggery.

Your beliefs and desires will guide you to where you want to end-up... So be very clear in what you want and you must put it into action or the thUgs will lead you as another follower to their probable world of many sorrows.

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