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Freemason NWO Takeover Will Leave You In The Dark/Cold(Resist Their Conspiratorial thUggery)

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Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

Freemason NWO Takeover Will Leave You In The Dark/Cold(Resist Conspiratorial thUggery)

Why fake-warrants?
Because the local Freemason-hivemind-army are stealing your rights away by dumbing you down into believing you are an incorporated straw-man rather than a human being with Creator-God given rights and freedoms: The Freemasons hide their Vatican-based system of secret tyranny which is beginning to be exposed as their brainchip sleeper-zombies are getting ready to be remote-controlled to reap havoc within you local community... I have tried to warn you people of good-intentions that the people of wicked-intentions are hiding amoungst you for 20 years now: but very few will listen until their family and friends have been obviously murdered by local freemasons and Luciferians serving Homo capensis.
Freemasons are the largest secret society that serves the ancient devils willingly and are in the process of genocide or culling the dumber sheeple with clot-shots. The smarter non-Cult-sworn people will be identified for a covert brainchipping in order to turn them into brainchip sleeper assassins.
It is high time that you awaken to see through the Mystery School Cult living within your community. They are Freemasonic-Luciferian traitors to their own genetics as Homo sapiens.

Charlie Ward Interviews a Human Rights Advocate in Britain about privatization of power and heating.
Ward does not expose the root of the problem and he likely knows that Freemasons are in every position of authority in every government and police force within Western Civilization.

The 3rd worldization of the West is happening and everyone within the general mass-media are complicit to hide the truth of the root of Freemasonic tyranny upon the sheeple afraid to resist.
Kayles in England is hard to locate, she remains hidden by effective lack of information.

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