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Bibi Bacchus: How the Sheeple are Enslaved By The Vatican's Freemasonic Craft

JamesRoss - 234 Views
Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In How-to and Style


They don't make the Vatican and Freemasonic roots of this treachery upon the non-Cult people. The Cult minions and thUgs are the "inner circle" that Bibi exposes. They are all the secret societies that swear oaths of servitude to the Vatican, Homo capensis devils.

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Victor Beck:

Dean Clifford:

Detax Canada:

Queens Deception: but the freemasons are currently collapsing the economy and you need to reject this old system of fake lawyers, judges and police and replace these freemasons with a legitimate system for the non-Cult people. The Freemasons are culling the sheeple as you read this... this system is designed to collapse when told to collapse.

The bottom line is Freemasonry sees itself as the sheepdogs of the sheeple. Those backstabbing thUgs will cull the sheep who jump the psychological fences because they serve the ancient monsters or devils called Homo capensis.
These treacherous freemasons are brainwashed into a lie that they are the chosen tribe of Homo sapiens through genetics, but it is just a Mystery School Cult that lies about salvation by fake mind-uploads into an A.i. fake-singularity. It is just a supercomputer with no superpowers... Homo capensis simply are the failed-mankind that linger after the death of their ungodly civilization of Lumania collapsed:

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