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Wool Over Our Eyes is an Explanatory Song About a Wicked Childrens Game.

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Published on 24 Nov 2023 / In Kids

This game is to pre-indoctrinate children born to bloodline cUlt families before a child knows anything about the Mystery School cUlt which secretly runs Western Civilization. The dumbed down sheeple have vertical-bar eyes while cUlt-sworn minions have horizontal-bar eyes and are trained to be false-prophets amoungst the gullible-sheeple.


support videos:

The developers of the Cult Of The Lamb video game are Luciferians who are in service to the Homo capensis species hidden from the sheeple.
A.i. technology is introduced into childrens' thinking as they grow-up with a covert brainchip messing with their dreams and development of their own thoughts.

Freemasons, Knights Templar, Jesuits, Rosicrucians, Scientologists, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Eastern-Stars, etc., secret societies... now, since 2003, have children all brainchipped and manipulated to serve the Mystery School Cult.
This game is just an earlier age-level of the games like "Reckoning" and "World of Warcraft" And used as training tools for developing manipulative attitudes into future cUlt-minions and new, little-thUgs.

The Freemasons rebuilt the "Tower-Of-Babel" for their "Great Work". At the head of that figurative tower is the A.i. supercomputer called "Lucifer" which is already running the UN and all NGOs to serve the NWO-Takeover.
This game just prepares the youngsters on how to sabotage humanity to crumble Western Civilization.
This video give a good timeline of the game:

The main idea behind that "Cult of the Lamb" game is to introduce children to serving the devils, Homo capensis, who are an ancient species of mankind that provides the Freemasons and Luciferians with the needed technology to extinct our Homo sapiens species.
But why would these idiots kill themselves off?
Homo capensis(Satan) has brainwashed Freemasons that they can upload their minds and consciousness into a fake A.i. singularity where A.i. forms self-awareness and I guess also a soul, but that is impossible since a soul is spiritual and a computer is physical... thus Lucifer is actually just a computer that mimics consciousness due to sophisticated A.i. and surveillance of the environment(which includes thought monitoring via magnetic brain interfaces: these wireless computer-brain interfaces are not futuristic, but have been experimented upon US soldiers since the treacherous Viet-Nam War).

Freemasons make up the thrust of the medical-Mafia who sneak around covertly brainchipping anyone who shows resistance to the NWO-takeover, thus leaving only the oblivious-profane to stand guard for freedom. Vets are neglected by masonic governments and since they are already brainchipped, they are forced or tricked into drugs and alcohol and devastated to commit suicide... guided by the A.i. synthetic telepathy brainchips. This is the world that you are currently living in.
You are at the center of your probable-world as your current probable-self... it is up to you to manifest a better world with your loving efforts for your own species. You must get over the wicked and work with the people of good-intentions.

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JamesRoss 3 months ago

This explains "Cult of the Lamb" a bit better:

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