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What's a Swiss Cross doing on the Templar's Commandery of Puy-en-Velay in France (Sean Hross Historian)

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Published on 27 Jul 2021 / In People and Blogs

Dr. Sean Hross is back online...
Dr. Sean Hross the travelling historian is back online with a new platform and new vids:

Youtube killed his main channel and censored many of his video creations on secondary channels:

He has a unique perspective that comes partially from the school of knocks. I attended the same school for the last 15 years and know how pathetic the Freemasonic or Mystery School Cult pawn/thUgs can be who attack Hross.

Hross' perspective on the "Pharaohs" is unique and coming from an educated historian make it even more delightful to explore his perceptions. Can't wait to have one of his books in my library once he begins writing them.

Hross reveals that the King of France was totally overwhelmed by the forces of the Mystery School Cult of Templars, Hospitalers, Teutonic Knights, Knights of Malta, etc., Demolay was likely never burnt at the stake like the fake history books claim before the Templars went underground and in hiding.

I see the going underground was an agenda demanded by their rulers Homo capensis or the Pope at that time. The Pope was a non-aging, wicked old man who would not die and needed to hide his elongated skull using a mitre:
Templars were the first international bankers and henchmen of Homo capensis or the Satan-race of ancient-thUgs.

Hross makes reference to the Armenian Genocide:

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