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Swiss Templar Forces behind Armenian Genocide by Pharaoh-s Aristocracy of Caliphs- Sultans and Kings by Sean Hross

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Published on 25 Apr 2021 / In People and Blogs

Dr. Sean Hross is a homeless historian who was imprisoned and tortured in Switzerland for exposing the Mystery School Cult.
I know what Hross is saying is likely true because the Canadian masons and eastern-stars are a secret-society network of thUgs who have attempted endlessly to assassinate me for the last 15 years. But they have failed in every attempt... why?

I figured out why.
When a thUg attempts to murder or destroy another within a spiritual world, they actually destroy a part of their own existence. Their soul-fragments decay or shrink as a result.
They are growing weaker with every attempt to murder another. As they continue to decay, they are achieving what they deserve... oblivion. The ancient-thUgs have tricked the masonic-thUgs into servitude and seeking-oblivion because they hate their human experiment that failed to revitalize their own pathetic genetic situation accumulating to their well-deserved self-demise. I understand that this is not easy to understand, but court-judges claim that ignorance of corrupt law-systems hold no excuse... murderous-thUgs are neither excused for their ignorance and are paying dearly for their path towards genocide. Too bad thUgs... so sad that you all got together to make shit-hearted pie as a collective of spiritual-morons.

Growing the soul requires love and development of the inner senses byond the physical.
The murderous collective of thUgs who conspire to murder and genocide their own species proves to themselves that they are unworthy of their given species, let alone the multiverse of God's Nature that they were freely given at birth to grow within. Ah, they all need to look at themselves in the mirror each morning and gloat just how fake-intelligent, fake-divine their hivemind has become.

Hoss' "Swizz Beast Home of the Devil" Part 1

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