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Templar Commandery in a Deep Forest with Creepy Ritual Altar

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Published on 19 Feb 2024 / In Film and Animation

The 900 year old Templar's Commandery of Droitval now called Droiteval in Eastern France in a secluded area in the middle of an extended forest, where I found Freemason symbols, ritual altar, the usual satanic artworks and a ritual bath with a funny statue on top. The Templar's church of Droiteval is officially attached to the Cistercian Order, and the Cistercians are the predecessors of the Knights Templars; it's a bit funny such a big church in the middle of nowhere. Who was supposed to visit that big church in the middle of a forest in the Middle Ages with no roads, no public transport and no cars? So when you see Cistercians, you know, what they really are, or where they really come from. Today's Freemasons are the political wing of the Military Order of the Knights Templars, who preserve all the occult knowledge of the Templars in their Freemason lodges.
The Freemason guy buried there by the name of Lucien Fourneau:

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