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The Gremlins Of The WW Genocide Are Mainly the Freemasonic Minions or Sheepdogs of Ancient-thUgs of Lumania

JamesRoss - 144 Views
Published on 30 Apr 2022 / In Kids

This is... what is happening to the cute little things on planet Earth?
They are dying while the thUgs remain to cause more genocide. They will never take the real poison-jab, they take placebos or just get a free passport mailed to them as if they were jabbed:

Covid-19 is a code-name for the beginning of the WW3 "Satan's Sheep Slaughter."

And who is "Satan?" Homo capensis hidden by the secret-societies as their masters:

What is Lumania? Time to begin expanding your awareness:
This is where the ancient technology comes from which the Freemasons are hiding from the sheeple.

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