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See the A.i. CGI Brainchip Zombie Blood-Sucking the Sacrifical Sheep Over Royal Heads William and Kate

JamesRoss - 378 Views
Published on 23 Sep 2022 / In People and Blogs

All the royals bloodline are typically Mystery School Cult minions just like all the Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs. I use the capital "U" because they are brainwashed to rise a new Utopia of highly organized thugs called "New Atlantis." But the Fiery Phoenix is spiritually tainted once again with collective murder and genocide of their own species... No, accepting a brainchip and calling yourselves Human2.0 does not change your Homo sapiens species... and fake mind-uploads into a fake A.i. singularity will not "save the decaying souls" of human traitors.

Live-time CGI manipulation of videos has been in public use since the 2014 Brazil Olympics BS show. Fake is now what TV NEWS is. You cannot even trust what they show you on digital video... It was always the plan because the ancient failed mankind, Homo capensis, did this all before with the Atlantean takeover-attempt(they failed again) of Earth that got blasted by a thunderbolt from Nature through their own spiritual taint. Yes, Mother Nature was blamed by the ancient devils for the destruction of their old Tower-Of-Babel of wickedness.

The wicked have their tools out for playing upon the minds of the sheeple. You see Elizadeath2 was the image of Royal niceness. Now the nastiness of Charles and crew will come forth. That is why the vampire blood-sucking is above their Mystery School Cult heads. The Freemasons have always hid their ways of bloodsucking the unwary. They are so bold with their ancient technology that they mock the non-Cult people in plane sight. Once they take away your guns they feel they have the Earth for the slaughter.

To understand why "sheep" are so important to the thUgs and minions... look at the Alter of St. Peters: Anyone who babels on about shape-shifting reptilians is just as bad as the Judas goat David Icke. Nothing is going to change form within this reality, they will just create the illusion or cloaking using ancient technology provided by the old devils... but their can be exceptions. Nothing "evil" is coming into this world to direct the zombies except technology in the hands of the wicked... it is just a mind-job that demons are coming through fake dimensional gates The Cult minions are sworn to hide brainchip technology... remote-controlling zombies. A Freemason will die lying their faces off because their accepted brainchip monitors their thoughts 24/7. The instant a minion steps out of line with the agenda of the Cult masters... A.i. will chastise their thoughts. Total enslavement as they are tricked into believing in mind-uploads to mesh with their fake-god Lucifer. Lucifer is just a computer with no soul and never will dream and venture into deeper realms of spiritual reality. Remove the brainchip (from freemasonry medical mafia thUgs) and the zombie is instantly cured.

My was banned from the internet by the Freemasons in control of the internet because it explains what many have not noticed about the wwCult.


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