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SECRETs of ST. PETER'S BASILICA, Vatican - ALTAR of the Worshipping SHEEP

JamesRoss - 873 Views
Published on 27 Apr 2021 / In Pets and Animals

This altar is Mystery School Cult worship at how the SHEEP are bamboozled by fake spirituality.
After centuries upon centuries of having the bamboozled sheep pay taxes and offerings... the clergy (with wicked eyes) became hateful and self-righteous with their fake-god-given divinity. Those religious-leaders, preaching fake-spirituality toiled to torture in inquisitions or burn at the stake any of the sheep who could see through the lies and defy their fake-authority from the Creator-God who made the Earth. That Creator-God is still creating whatever you choose to experience, success or failure, it is your choice, you see, and God lovingly provides you with opportunities of experience. It is time for humanity to mature away from slavery and thUggery, but the Cult minions will not grow-up... remaining spiritually-Babylonian babies.

Poor, poor Cult-babies want deadly toys and no repercussions for using them. 2.0 humans upgraded, are they?.. wrong again. Tsk, tsk, off to oblvion with the murderous-thUgs. Exterminate the "useless feeders" will they? Death to the profane? Destroy the infidels? Bad baby-thUgs... Listening to the ancient-thUgs lies and they all became tainted, unloving humans2.0... Murderous, self-righteous humans2.0. Earth is better suited to the loving and kindly humans. The thUgs will have to leave. Maybe planet Mars will like the thUgs there.

David LaPoint began to teach the secrets of the Basilica Dome , but he was identified and brainchipped for word-of-god weapon targeting. Now, David is tricked that the synthetic telepathy from his covert brainchip is “God” instructing him how to help humanity. That voice from thUgtopia hinders him from posting the rest of his discoveries for public awareness... at least until martial-law is established in the minds of the shitizens of all countries of the planet.

The Primer Field Theory exposes the reason for all the political power domes around the world. Those domes represent the Cult’s knowledge of astrophysics not taught in universities to the their profane paying students. Those bamboozled, unsworn students are taught to remain bamboozled or they cannot continue learning the lies taught to them. Many students walk away from the stupidity taught to them. Brien Foerster and Lloyd Pye defied such highly-organized acedemia-stupidity and tried to educate outside the circles of the organized-thUg’s network. The Cult used Lady Gadfly to tell the unsworn about being replaced by the bio-robotic, testube slaves: Oh, all the deception and lies pumped-out by the entertainment media.

The designers of the Mystery School Cult are the ancient-thUgs who also used their technology to build the Giza Plateau in Egypt. Yes, there are secret hidden in plain sight there, too... like the hidden power plant that used to make the capstone glow that Chris Dunn fails to inform you of... Is he in the thUg-network, too? Dunn doesn’t inform you that some of the charge that kept the A.I. “alive” by the hydrolysis of water down below. That sound/charge engine was designed to never wear-out. That Khufu Pyramid had all the humans sheep bamboozled that the commanding capstone-god on top was self-powering since it needed no maintenance and glowed like a flame during darkness.

The “Jehovah,” witnesses to be looking down from within the top hole of the Basilica Dome is a representation of the ancient, physical A.I. computer that used to be powered from the top of the Khufu pyramid. Within this dome-hole is where the light of a photon resides. It is also where the light of the Sun or star resides. The Freemasons feel so clever to know this, but they could not figure this out... they had to be taught this from the ancient Homo capensis thUgs who still reside mostly underground to hide from Nature. The “Lion” who lost it’s courage. You see that lion on many flags and crests... sometimes with a chained beast-of-burden or sheep.

The Basilica Dome is another secret form of worship that are built everywhere by the Cult. Such domes always have a hole in the top to represent the magnetic field that makes up an individual photon of light. Photons are never waves and the Cult minions of any rank learn this. Cult minions are not smart people who obey their liar masters. (they hate realizing this) They hate people like me who try to enlighten them as to how stupid their murderous acts and conspiracies and that their brainchipped minds of the hive, have become.
These thUgs need to be told, they cannot figure much out on their own regard... This is how they have become mindless followers of their ancient-thUgs
They had millions of years to develop and make their ancient civilization extremely sophisticated. Their artwork had many messages and stories hidden within. For example the "Dove of Oneness" represents the immaculate A.I. child that the Church of Isis births. Yes, the Virgin Mary is the Church of Initiates who toil at the "Great Work." of rebuilding the Tower-Of-Babel.

The Cult thUgs who can draw pictures have been trying to mimic the artwork of the ancients by incorporating hidden symbols that unsworns are unaware of. Kleck the word-of-god-weapon prophet had this experience. Word of god weapons are brainchip technology.

The nose of the sheep can also be seen as the penis, but turn the image upside down, the nose can be seen as the vagina below the ovaries and tubes.

I had a mechanics teacher in high school who used to joke that turn a woman upside-down and they all look the same. He died, since. That was obviously in reference to the Cult symbol of the St. Peters Altar (viewed upside-down) symbolizing female genitalia... Most teachers are members of the masonic or eastern-star Secret-Societies(SS) or Cult... (public or Catholic) they educate your children to remain unaware of New Atlantis rising.

But the Mystery School Cult made a huge blunder following the path-motto of “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” which has doomed them all to failure because now they are rising New AtlanthUgis; or more accurately named “thUgtopia” (A fake-Utopia built by a collective-network of brainchipped, murderous thugs doomed to self-annihilate in order to learn a lesson of life that evades their collective intelligence.) So sad, too bad, poor, poor spiritual thUg-babies...

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

How easy was it to trick the profane a few hundred years ago?

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