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Resistant Brits Defy Conspiratorial Freemasonic Takeover

JamesRoss - 99 Views
Published on 03 Dec 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

You are not a "Driver."
You are a Human travelling which is a constitutional right.

Sheeple are tricked into becoming the strawman by the Freemasonic conspiracy to bring in their NWO of New Atlantis.

William Cooper exposed the conspiracy of Freemasons to replace the USA with New Atlantis back in his Mystery Babylon Radio Series

The entire Mystery School Cult that includes all secret societies and many fake religions like Mormons and JWs and Scientologists are linked together with the NWO brainchip-hivemind... into an army of murderous thUgs who live on your own street or community. They live amoungst the sheeple to control them locally. The never take the clot-shot, but take a placebo instead and get their papers to travel from freemasonic organized airlines and transports. They claim they are vaccinated and that you should be clot-shotted just like they were not clot-shotted. The minions play the culling-of-sheeple game on non-Cult mind and trick the naive sheep into poisoning themselves.

Then you can find the Freemasons gloating just how smart they all are by selling-out their own species.

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