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Reason For Cold War: It Financed and Hid Building DUMBs For 2020 NWO Takeover (A Safety Escape if Caught)

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Published on 01 Feb 2024 / In Entertainment

Having an escape for the sheepdog-Freemasons backstabbing their non-cUlt neighbors was necessary to provide minions and thUgs with an escape-route from awakening sheeple about the secret-societies' "Agenda21" NWO-takeover-trap using AI, digital-microwaves, magnetic brain-interfaces: using sleeper supersoldiers/brainchipzombies. (download the banned-by-cUlt webpages, they are blocking them from viewers, too revealing...)

Yes, all those missile built for underground silos are not nuclear and likely don't even function... The holes were for Deep Underground Military Bases(DUMB)s. If you were not in the Masonic military... you were not allowed to asks questions nor oversee the corruption being done underground and now they have 200 DUMBs by magic... and will dis-arm the insane sense of safety that fake nuclear-missiles provided to the sheeple brainwashed by media that a "Cold War" with the Soviet Union existed. It was just a big Masonic bullshit game against the sheeple. Russian Mystery School cUlt minions and actors against the American Mystery School Cult minions and actors. (Reagan was an actor who made it to president). Putin is a Templar who had his children in Switzerland... under the Octagon:

There are no nuclear ballistic missile because Freemason Russians and Freemasons Americans played a game upon the sheeple who never figured out how all those 200 DUMBs were built under the USA without the sheeple noticing.
YOu see, they needed an escape from the devastation or if the sheeple rebelled against the thUgs.

This video is how sheepdogs psychologically herd the sheep.

Ask Phil Schneider(RIP):

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