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The Waterbearer
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Published on 13 Feb 2023 / In News and Politics

Charlie Peters GB News, just dropped this documentary on rape gangs.

The grooming gangs scandal is still claiming scores of victims an exclusive GB News investigation has found, as thousands of historical and modern survivors have come forward to a charity supporting victims since 2020.

This broadcaster has seen an exclusive copy of The Maggie Oliver Foundation’s (TMOF) annual report, which reveals that it is currently working on over 50 live group-localised child sexual exploitation cases.

This is only happening because of brave people who fought alongside us from the EDL to journalism, jobs, friends and family lost, before that everyone was afraid to talk about it.

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Great to see people finally doing it, the only difference being they won't take flack for it.

Tommy Robinson who has dared to talk about it when the mainstream have been silent and who also has been involved in exposing the sexual abuse as a investigative journalist has commented "It's now mainstream conversation, and I'm so glad".



Originally, I starting uploading EDM music videos on youtube and producing music for various video channels, then things got serious. In these times I consider it a duty to humanity to distribute as much information as possible so as to allow the truth to be discovered about the cover up and lies by the mainstream media. This involves, Health, Big Pharma and their Jabs, 5G ROLL OUT. To Debunk Climate Change and the Reckless Solar GeoEngineering going on. A travesty being actively denied but supported by governments around the world. The Deliberate Spraying of aerosols 24/7 above our heads which affects the air we breath best explained here:- See Documentary "The Dimming".

Oh, and to expose any other things that might be tried that might take away our liberty and human rights given to us by god.

DuneDrifter, Topical Digest discovering the cover ups and lies you are being fed by mainstream media and Governments around the world.


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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights
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"It’s Easier To Fool People Than To Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled".

Rape Gangs, Exploitation of Young Girls, GB News

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keithlmj 4 months ago

Why would the contact the police when the police have covered up these atrocities for over 40 years. Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned several times on false charges, for reporting these 'people'. These crimes will never be stopped unless they are fully investigated and long harsh sentences are given, or even deportation to any of them not born in our country

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