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March 1, 2022 election cheating
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District of Columbia v. Heller ORAL ARGUMENT - MARCH 18, 2008

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Published on 09 Apr 2018 / In News and Politics

District of Columbia v. Heller ORAL ARGUMENT - MARCH 18, 2008 - Reaffirming the individual right of the second amendment.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 years ago

Commander.., what can we do to PUSH BACK against ALL these Evil Profane FREE MASON Lodge Members whom run all our towns, own all the Religions – Governments – Corporations, and all SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT.?.?.? Since we the nonmason population pay the TAXES and the Religion Tithing, we need to get away from this TOP down Approach were only those at The Top of AMWAY aka These Pyramid “Schematizing” People Run our Nations Military – Police Forces – National to Regional PROTECTORATES, and start to have a say in the LAWS, but even more important, if these RULE OF LAW do not apply to your CONSTITUTIONAL STATE FLAG, then they do not apply to you’m!!!!! Think about this, we do not buy ANY THING we do not need but food and drink and smokes, and then all the rest, we start to make OUR Own Clothing, Radios, UHF / VHF Broadcast for with the Computer C.G.I. we too can produce as producer our own MOVIES and TV Series for we the people “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition… We ain’t gotta send our children…., or ourselves back to all these INDOCTRINATION [Concentration Camps] of (COVID19) known as These Collages – High Schools – Middle Schools – Elementary Schools PAID FOR BY OUR TAXES no less……., we just Empty out Rooms in our “Homes” and have what we shall call Bar-B-Q and Sleep Over, and then we just “entrust one” +=+ among our COLLECTIVE of Pak-Toe to take care of no more then {7 children} [{**}] at a time, as we blend in with this {NEWS} World Order where every one on TV is only TALKING to their FREE MASON “Privileged People” /_\ them Rich Folks in our Towns whom are the / * \ Church Elders and Government Town Hall to Judges WHOM all live off OUR “nonmason” Taxes known as WELFARE!!! We do not have to tell anyone about our Houses being used as Bars, and Clubs, and Schools, and places “too study” The Word….., for our 4th Amendment at least in what used to be THE UNITED STATES “OF” AMERICA Constitution never said, we had to pay taxes to the (U.S. Military) Religion of GOVERNMENT now do it???? Nor do our 50 State Constitutions “state” that we the people “must” SEND OUR CHILDREN to Organized Criminal Syndicates known as these FREE MASON “CARTELS” of Notre Dame, Yale, Harvard, and all the other ilk and “fantasist” that these Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls represent with their Collage “Frat Houses” and Sorority Sisters whom once again are only the WEALTHY Folks in our home towns cause they use the POLICE FORCE as Thugs, and Mobsters, and Mafias, and that is why TAXES are Illegal under all 50 National FLAGS {of these} [{*}] 50 STATES known from coast to coast to have our own PRESIDENTS as each “Governor” is a PRESIDENT of that Nation be it a Republic or a Common Wealth……..., so the longer “you allow” this ACT OF 1871 (DISTRICT) to tell your people what to do, and you do not take down the (U.S. FLAG) and burn it for High Treason, Sedition, and Treachery to “we the” nonmason people, populations, and Persons…….., then “the longer” you shall REMAIN UNDER OCCUPATION from Germany to Japan from Saudi Arabia to Israel from “Brazil to Russia” and MADE IN CHINA is all “any” will ever know… The Book of EXODICE!!!

In that, we do not use their MUSIC anymore!!! We make our own, and we do [our own] Radio Shows and hand Out Music and TV Show Videos made by our Youth “from ourselves” with our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy {Movie Productions} using DVD – Thumb Drives and SIMM Chips and keep “all that shit” Off LINE!!!!

In that` our BOOT LEG Moon Shine ECONOMY of Our Rag Tag Rebellion` will work by way of 3D Printed “Coins and Leaf” and they can even be made out of {PLASTIC} and Monopoly Money cause it ain’t about that!!! It ain’t about MONEY, it never was……. It is about taking care [of our own] and telling all these FREE MASON Stocks and “Bondages” TV Illusionist with their Faked Moon Landings we arn’t buying “YOUR” fake space BULL SHIT no more..., and yes.., we can make our own “Soda Pop” as well……., and all Tax Free!!!

The President “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…..

I WANT YOU TO STUDY This Video for it is all Sorcery and Magic called “Mesmerizing” The Population with LET US ENTERTAIN You {also known as} +=+ LET US “ENCHANT” You the [nonmason] populations so you will do anything we show you on our FREE MASON Hollow Lives TV Shows!!!

Q+ The Pen` of #QANON


Yerrriii - - - ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Haaaaawwwww!!!

Little Girl Saves The World, and WE RANGERS protect her!!!

Am Unarmed “Citizen Population” is a DEAD Citizen every fucking time by their “murdering” FREE MASON C.O.P.S. and FREE MASON Military Pukes and Cucks and Slags…….

The Society of nonmason~

These ARE NOT YOUR POLICE (NO MORE) MY PEOPLE….., they are all “U.N. TROOPS” called Global Citizens in your Police and Military Uniforms, so SHOOT THESE [Collaborators] Dead Dead Dead just as SEASON ONE of COLONY Showed you {how to take out} FREE MASON C.O.P.S.

The Commander~


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March 1, 2022 election cheating
true conservative minutes