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YouTube's "Policies on content featuring firearms" demonstrates a major violation of

LoadsofBacon - 1,062 Views
Published on 09 Apr 2018 / In News and Politics

The YouTube About page:
YouTube's new "Policies on content featuring firearms":
Wikipedia page for Integrity:

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Cryptic Sorrow - Atlantean Twilight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

George Orwell quotes from his book, 1984
Orwell, G. and Fromm, E. (1961). 1984. New York: New American Library

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shotdog 5 years ago

what good would a new format be without some bacon!

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Sprocket559 5 years ago

Bye youtube!

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elvis ammo
elvis ammo 5 years ago

I wanted to be your first subscriber over here! Thanks for all your help to me and the 2A ... Thanks for serving our country as a solder and a civilian ... and Thanks for taking the time to build a Reloaders Network...
I like Bacon! : )

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