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Population Control By The Freemasonic Sheepdogs and Eastern-Star Sheepbitches Following Whistle Commands From The Satan-race thUgs (by Bill Cooper)

JamesRoss - 135 Views
Published on 25 Sep 2021 / In People and Blogs


Who are the traitor to humanity, they sell-outs?

Who do the human traitors secretly serve?

Why do Freemasons serve the Satan-race?
The Freemasons pretend that they can upload their minds into an algorithm of A.I. and become physically consciously immortal.
Converting their oblivious minds into a fake circle-equation algorithm: This is Satan's trick using a tricky A.I.
Ad Astra is a Masonic belief that they will go to the stars as a collective hivemind BORG or cyborgs ("Star Trek" is Cult worship to become unemotional BORG-controlling algorithms... "assimilation" is capturing a physical mind into a ship's singularity at the core) That is the fake-promise that the Satan-race gives to the naive Cult minions. Fake-immortality by upload/suiciding themselves, obliviously to instead meeting their makers.

This is the motivation that Cult minions have for the genocide of their own species to perish.

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