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Please don't be a Guinea pig. Experimental COVID vaccine Destroying Young Life It is not a license Covid vaccine

BsbidenFjoe - 1,328 Views
Published on 15 Aug 2021 / In News and Politics
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JamesRoss 4 months ago

Lothar.... these are not real doctors... they are actually thUgs JFK warned you about them... back in 1963
You see... Fagan warn you:
Bezmenov warned you:
Cooper warned you:
Cooper even identified who the Freemasons were back in 1993

Come on Lothar.... The Freemasons and other thUgs are rising their fuked up Fiery Phoenix.

Oh... I guarantee that they will fail, but will you choose to live in a prosperous new age? The murderous thUgs are already gonners... they just don't see itm yet.

If you choose to murder you are not going to be too far from becoming one of those murderous-thUgs that you hate.
We need to lovingly inject the thUgs with the vaccines that they pretended to take. They have fake vaccine passports already arranged. The thUgs just need to take their own vaccines for real instead of faking it on TV:

If an Eastern-Star monster or Freemason monster rejects to take their fake-accepted medicine. Then I have a entire 15 years of "Trials and Tribulations" that they have to live through (that they did to me) in order to prove that they are worthy of remaining upon Earth.

Never choose to murder a monster... you let the monster choose how it will destroy itself. That is why all the collesiums are being built... we will watch them perish trying to prove that they are worthy of remaining upon Earth as unsworn entertainment.

The thUgs have already designed the "Blood-sports" to murder the unsworn... we will just turn the tables upon them.

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Lothar 900
Lothar 900 4 months ago

for any doctor or person who injects these people and they die we should hold them responsible. it is time to execute these people who are executing our loved ones. I don't have much money but I'll buy the Rope. When will people wake up and see their children and their loved ones being killed by these doctors and the politicians who set up these stupid rules North America and Europe that are wake up it's time for the Takeover to all police and military you better change your ideals your government's lose wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam and you fight the battles and lose your friends you better pick a side because that's the side you're on the government side you will lose it's time to go after the nurses and doctors who inject these needles into our loved ones

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