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Pfizer, Fauci; FDA Openly Colluding To Run Science Experiments On 6 Month Old Babies.

BsbidenFjoe - 205 Views
Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Health

Get the truth so No Manipulation.

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proudusagirl01 7 months ago

If science can't be questioned it's not science anymore. It's propaganda. They want to rip on people for taking Ivermectin. I researched and saw the evidence on the internet. Research papers are on the internet for those who wants to see. Top respected world doctors are being under defamation by MSM and vaccine manufacturers. I won't back down recommeding IVM. You can get yours by visiting

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 7 months ago

There are no variants. It has always been Covid and the vaccines haven't worked and they fear telling 260 million people they took multiple vaccines for nothing. They keep creating new variants to disguise that the vaccines aren't working and using the 'at least it keeps you out of the hospital' line over and over. Don't get me wrong...Covid is very real...but once government gets involved in anything it is bound to get 100 times worse. See because governments are like my ex-wife. They will never admit they are wrong no matter how strong the evidence is to support them actually being wrong.

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